“Off The Bat” – MLB and MTV’s New Baseball Show

Off The Bat by MTVWe’re here to talk about, and show you some clips, from a new project from MLB, and MTV, Off The Bat and how they’re teaming up to bring baseball fans a new inside look into the personal lives of their favorite MLB players. They’re not going to be looking into what kind of  bat Mike Trout swings, or what kind of sunglasses or fielding glove Bryce Harper wears. (see episode at the end of this blog)

MLB wants to reach all of it’s fans, by partnering with MTV and their hosts, Fat JoeSwayChris Distefano, and Melanie Iglesias, to show you a fun, and quirky side of some of baseballs brightest stars. Like Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins, and Melanie Iglesias, taking batting practice in a junk yard. Or having three super fans of Bryce Harper’s compete for the chance to win tickets to a game, get a home town visit, and an autographed bat from Bryce Harper, by answering trivia questions about his career in front of a studio audience, and Bryce himself.

Oh, did I mention that if you get an answer wrong, the hosts would shave off a chunk of the contestant’s hair? Maybe you like a little food mixed with your baseball humor. Take a look at Anthony Rizzo having fun playing a little soft toss with host Chris.

This show is about introducing you to players like Mike Trout of the LA Angels, Robinson Cano of the Mariners, and Prince Fielder of the Rangers. They want to reveal the kind of music they listen to, food they eat, and what they do to keep themselves happy. And as much as we the love the A2000 Clayton Kershaw uses, and the A2000 Cano uses, this is just not a show all about that side of the game. Big Papi (David Ortiz) Is going to be helping bring these individuals out with the MTV hosts to give all of us fans access like never before and we’re all excited, I know I am.

Enjoy this episode “Pitchers Pitching Into Pitchers”


Muchera Sliding Pants

Sliding just got easier, faster, and safer! If you’ve ever been nervous or hesitant about sliding into Muchera Sliding Pants and Baseball Softball Apparelsecond base to avoid scraping your shins and knees, then you’ll want to check out Muchera Sliding Pants. Imagine fueling that extra bit of confidence as you round third base and deciding whether or not you should attempt to score. Muchera Sliding Pants help you decide whether or not to take that risk knowing you could slide feet first at full speed to score that run for your teammates. Confidence! That’s Muchera.

Muchera is a sports performance apparel brand start-up currently focused on designing innovative protective sliding gear for baseball and softball players, fastpitch and slowpitch. Muchera Sliding Pants are a 3/4 length compression fit undergarment pant with quick-drying capabilities that protect your hips, thighs, knees and shins simultaneously without sacrificing style, comfort, and mobility. Sliding Pants are designed and manufactured here in the USA (New York) with an extreme concentration in craftsmanship and functionality.

 Muchera Sliding Pants for Baseball SoftballDo Muchera sliding pants work? Just ask USA National Team player and Texas Longhorns star Taylor Hoagland seen here in the photo what she thinks! Become a demon on the base paths, play with increased confidence and take your game to the next level with Muchera Sliding Pants!

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Bownet Big Mouth Baseball/Softball Net Review

Bownet Big MouthEvery time I go to a weekend tournament I am sure of two things: I am going to hear the beautiful sound of balls coming off of bats, and I will undoubtedly see the bright color orange somewhere nearby. This color is synonymous with Bownet and their products.

The Bownet Big Mouth has become commonplace at all baseball and softball fields these days, making it easy to get your players game-ready before they even step foot on the diamond. This wasn’t always the case. Not too long ago, teams had very few options in terms of pre-game batting practice. The most common approach was to usually wait for very limited time in the lone batting cage that was available. Now, whether you need your players to get in some extra hacks or would like one of your pitchers to get warmed up early, the Big Mouth offers THE perfect training tool for coaches, teams, and players anywhere, anytime!

The key components to the Bownet Big Mouth  are timeliness and durability. Requiring no tools whatsoever, the Big Mouth can be set up by one person in 90 seconds and broken down in just as little time. Designed with a “bow” flex in the poles, the Big Mouth practice screen can withstand the constant abuse of batted baseballs and softballs being driven into its net. Weighing only 15 pounds and easily packed into the included 48″ x 12″ carry bag, the Bownet Big Mouth is lightweight and portable, providing a well-deserved and guilt-free option to have your young player learn the responsibility of carrying their own equipment.

  • Big Mouth dimensions: 7′ x 7′
  • Total weight – 15 lbs.
  • 48″ x 12″ carrying bag included
  • Bow poles, net, frame and stakes also included
  • Quick and easy setup/breakdown

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Bauer Buys Easton Baseball and Softball Business

Bauer Hockey joins EastonSporting goods company Bauer, maker of Bauer Hockey equipment and owner of Combat Bat Company has agreed to purchase baseball and softball bat maker Easton for $330 million.

Bauer gains a great name in the game of baseball and softball equipment with this purchase. Easton baseball bats and softball bats are currently among the best selling bats in the industry.

Combat Bat Company Bauer brought a level of organization to Combat when they were purchased in 2013, and we look forward to seeing what the new Easton will look like in the future.

CheapBats congratulates this merger of three fine sporting goods manufactures. 

Easton Stealth – How it’s Different

The Easton Stealth brand is one that can be relied upon for all of your baseball and softball needs. There are bats in their product line with the Stealth name, but for many people, this name has more meaning when looking at accessories. From batting gloves to equipment bags to catcher’s helmets, Easton Stealth is a name that is one of the most trustworthy in the business.

Their bats are easy to review, but it’s the accessories that mean just as much on the field, yet are often ignored. What are some of the best Stealth products you can get for the upcoming season?

Easton Stealth SE Catchers Helmet A165300

Easton Stealth SE Helmet from Cheapbats.comTo be a top-notch catcher, you need to have the top-notch tools that will protect you when you need it the most. For anyone looking to improve at their craft, you need to know that your most important tool will be protected when you have 90 mph fastballs being foul tipped back to your face. This mask is the perfect one to give you a sleek look and protect you from injury. It has a translucent polycarbonate shell and uses Easton’s exclusive technology, which gives users a lightweight helmet with foam pads that are meant to reduce vibration and shock by as much as 76 percent.

Easton Steath Core Batting GlovesEaston Stealth Core Batting Gloves

This pair of gloves come in adult and youth sizes and provides users with a comfortable feel and increased grip. It was made with smooth Cabretta leather that gives users a unique feel. These batting gloves are extremely affordable and come in close to a dozen different color combinations.

Easton Stealth Core Equipment Bag A163133

Easton Core Game BagWhat better way to get all your needed equipment from the trunk of your car to your bench than with this Easton equipment bag. This bag has plenty of storage for all the needed tools including an area for at least three bats, an external zippered section that can hold your personal items like jewelry, cell phones and wallets. There is also an internal zippered section allowing you to hide some of those personal items a bit better. The inside of the bag has enough room for your fielding gloves, cleats and other equipment. The cleats have their own spot in the bag, as this area of the bag is ventilated to keep bacteria from growing.

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Nokona Baseball Gloves – Brand Profile

Nokona Baseball Gloves from Cheapbats.comNokona baseball gloves are a part of America’s pastime – baseball, since 1934.  Since the company was founded, they have strived to produce only the highest quality gloves for youth, high school and adult players around the world. Headquartered in Nokona, Texas, Nokona is proud that all their gloves are produced in this city by people who live nearby.

That is part of what sets Nokona baseball gloves apart from the rest of the baseball glove market. When other companies have machines set up to cut and stitch gloves together, each Nokona baseball glove is cut, stamped, laced, stitched and embroidered by Americans. When you purchase a glove from Nokona, you can trust that the product you are getting was crafted by trained professionals.

With each passing year, Nokona strives to continue their history of excellence while still improving their products. As the company plans to celebrate their 80th anniversary in 2014, Nokona has enhanced their line of gloves to include the X2 Elite and Alpha Select. They will also have their own state of the art Nolera Composite Padding System in these gloves, improving their overall performance. Their line of fastpitch gloves are made with the Ristankor Closure System protects your hand and makes it easier to break in.

Current Major League Baseball player Ross Ohlendorf proudly uses Nokona gloves, while Hall of Famer and Texas Ranger great Nolan Ryan said the first glove he ever used was a Nokona. These gloves that were used in the past and continue to be used today are made with various leather materials from buffalo to bloodline to kangaroo to banana tan.

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