Rawlings Threat USA Baseball Bat – Light Weight, Huge Barrel

Rawlings Threat USA Baseball Bat

It is finally here. The 2019 Rawlings Threat USA bat we have all been waiting for. As a dad of two young Little Leaguers I understand the dilemma many of us have faced this season when it comes to choosing the best USA bat for my kids. The good news is Rawlings has solved a major issue and designed a bat that is not only light, but has a big barrel (2 5/8″), and actually does hit the ball very well.

Rawlings Threat USA Stamp

How does the Threat compare?

I’ll preface my review with the fact that I work at CheapBats.com and I get to hit every single bat that comes out. I have hit all but a couple of the USA baseball bats on the market right now, and I can say with certainty the 2019 Rawlings Threat USA baseball bat is one of the best USA bats you can buy.

Rawlings Threat Knob


I suspected because the Threat is so light, and it is a one piece bat, that there would be a good amount of sting and vibration. I was completely wrong in my assumption. The 2019 Rawlings Threat has only a very small amount of noticeable feedback in the hands. Of course the Quatro and the Voodoo will have zero felt vibration because of the two-piece design, but compared to the Threat they swing MUCH heavier. The Threat swings extremely light. I know three dads just on my 8 year old’s Little League team alone (counting myself) that had to buy a second USA bat because the first one ended up being too heavy for our sons. The Threat solves this problem. The 29 inch/17 ounce bat we tested weighed in at 17.27 ounces (without the grip).

Rawlings Threat USA End Cap


What shocked me most wasn’t that the Threat hits the ball hard, it was the fact the Threat hits the ball VERY hard… As hard as the USA Quatro, Solo, Select, and Voodoo One bats we have tested. I also noticed my bat speed was much greater with the Threat due to the fact it is so much lighter than the other USA bats in comparison. As more people start to hit the Threat, you will no doubt hear the same feedback. The ball flies off the barrel just as hard as the best USA bats on the market.

Rawlings Threat USA vs Solo vs Quatro vs Select vs Voodoo

If you are just starting, or about to start your youth baseball season, definitely consider the all new 2019 Rawlings Threat. It is one of the best USA bats made so far. The price is very reasonable compared to some of the other high end USA bats. The swing weight is the best we have seen from any USA bat made so far, and finally, it hits the ball hard. Simple as that.

2019 Rawlings Threat USA baseball bat is approved for the following leagues:

  • Pony League
  • Little League
  • American Amateur Baseball Congress (AABC)
  • Babe Ruth League
  • Cal Ripken League
  • Dixie Baseball
  • National Amateur Baseball Federation (NABF)

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USA Bat Standard – Youth BBCOR Bats are coming!

USABat Standard

USA Bat Standard Baseball Bats

First College, next was High School, now at the Pony and Little League levels we will see a Youth BBCOR Bat!

Starting in 2018, to be legal for play in Little League, Pony, Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth, AABC, AAU, Dixie baseball, your bat will need the USABat stamp on it.

USABat Standard baseball bats will go on sale in the Fall of 2017. Major brands like Easton, DeMarini, Louisville Slugger, and Rawlings are already hard at work on these new youth baseball bats with the USABat stamp.

USSSA vs USA Bat Standard

Key USABat Standard Baseball Bat Facts

  • Approved YBBCOR 2 5/8” barrels will be legal for all ages (14 and under) in Little League, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, PONY, Dixie, AABC, AAU.
  • The 2 5/8” big barrel lengths will be much shorter than the current 2 5/8” 1.15bpf barrels used in today’s game due to the performance regulations put in place.
  • All current youth baseball bats will continue to be legal in the above mentioned organizations through December 31st, 2017
  • 1.15bpf bats will NOT be grandfathered in for the 2018 season.
  • The goal is to make youth bats perform like a wood bat.
  • There will be no limit to how light a bat can be, which should be helpful to younger players.
  • According to USA Baseball, the governing body that oversaw the research and ratification of the new USABat standard, this change is being made for “integrity of the game”, and not “safety” reasons, as it claims “Youth baseball continues to be one of the safest of all sports”.
  • USSSA, which governs nearly all travel ball teams, is not affected by the change to the USABat Standard, and currently has no plans to change their bats

Long story short, everyone who plays Little League, Pony, and the other organizations mentioned above will need to buy a new bat starting in 2018. These bats will perform like wood bats. Baseballs will likely not be hit as far with these bats, BUT the larger diameter barrel on the baseball bats can and will make the baseball easier to hit for many players.

In Stock: 2016 Baseball and Fastpitch Softball Bats

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2016 Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Bats

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2016 DeMarini Fastpitch Bats

2016 CF8 Fastpitch Bats – 2016 Vendetta Fastpitch Bats


2016 DeMarini Baseball Bats

CF8 – Voodoo Raw – Vexum


2016 Rawlings Baseball Bats


 easton-category-logo2016 Easton Baseball Bats

MakoMako XLMako TorqZ Core

2016 Easton Fastpitch Bats

MakoMako TorqFS3FS3 Torq


2016 Louisville Slugger Baseball Bats

Prime 916Select 716Omaha 516

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Rawlings BBCOR Baseball Bats for 2015


2015 RX4 BBCOR

We here at Cheapbats.com are carrying four of Rawlings BBCOR models for any player ranging from the casual Sunday league player to the highly competitive college player. We start things off with their base model, the Rawlings RX4 BBCOR bat. At nearly a quarter of the price, the RX4 gives you a one piece alloy bat with the RX4 aluminum. This bat is very durable, and ideal for the player who is looking to have good time, and get a quality bat without having to break the bank.


2015 5150 BBCOR Wood Composite

Next up is the 2015 Rawlings 5150 Wood Composite BBCOR Baseball Bat. This bat is for all the high school and college players looking to have a wood bat that won’t break on a bad pitch but still gives them the performance, and feel, of a classic wood bat. Really if you just enjoy hitting with a wood bat you will probably be pleased with this purchase.


2015 5150 BBCOR Alloy

2015 Rawlings 5150 BBCOR Baseball Bat  is Rawlings’ midlevel BBCOR bat. It features an radically engineered technologically larger sweet spot, and employs the Comp-lite end cap for wider swing speeds. Rawlings stuck with the 5150 BBCOR Alloy because of that bat’s wide reputation for power and durability. The 5150 commands respect across any diamond or field.



2015 Velo BBCOR (Available in a Balanced & End Loaded Edition)

Now we get to the Rawlings Velo BBCOR, one of Rawlings’ high end high school and college bats.  Rawlings made some changes to the design of the barrel as well as the end cap. Using their “Precision Optimized Performance” or pOp™ they were able to thin the walls of the barrel to increase the sweet spot of the bat by 25%.  Top that off with Rawlings’ new Comp-lite End Cap, and you have a bat that has one of the fastest swing speeds in baseball. Rawlings made two versions of this model, one with an end load, and one with a balanced swing weight. Both are the same bat, yet the end loads are for the power hitters, while the balanced version is for your contact hitters.



2015 Trio BBCOR – Rawlings’ #1 Bat for this season!

Now for Rawlings Flagship! Being one of the few three piece bats in the market, the Rawlings Trio BBCOR Baseball Bat is hot out of the wrapper and has all the bells and whistles featured on any of the best BBCOR bats in the market today. Coming in both an end loaded and balanced version.  The special three piece design actually absorbs vibration, taking away the unpleasant feedback from the hands, and directing it back into the sweet spot of the new “Precision Optimized Performance” barrel. It even has the same Comp-lite end cap of the Velo to make sure you get every little goody Rawlings had in its grab bag. If you have the disposable income to play with, this is a high end performance car all the way, and in the right hands, you might just find yourself leaving the yard with it.



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5 Best BBCOR Bats Of 2014

It’s the new year and all the major bat company’s have brought their best 2014 BBCOR bats to the field.  Cheapbats.com is here to give you a quick break down of the top 5.

2014 Mako BBCOR Bat by Easton

2014 Easton Mako BBCOR

Sporting goods industry leader Easton has possibly made the hottest BBCOR bat of 2014. Introducing the new TCT Thermo Composite Technology. Easton has this composite running from knob to end cap in it’s all new BBCOR bat.   Combining both of their previous two best BBCOR bats, Easton made it’s biggest, strongest, lightest BBCOR barrel ever. They joined the handle and barrel together using their patented two piece Connexion technology to remove as much discomfort to the hands as possible.  This mixture of experience and technology has produced arguably the best Easton BBCOR ever.  

2014 Demarini CF6 BBCOR Bat

2014 Demarini CF6 BBCOR

Demarini used the Paradox Composite in both the handle and barrel of this BCOR bat, but discovered a new way to connect the bats with their the D-fusion technology.  This connecting piece takes any lost energy in the barrel that would otherwise sting your hands, and redirects it back into the ball. This gives Demarini the biggest and hottest sweet spot they could design.

2014 Marucci Elite BBCOR Bat

2014 Marucci Elite

Marucci worked on making the Elite a more balanced BBCOR this year by taking out some end load. This more balanced 3 piece Elite BBCOR bat from Marucci is a proven winner on the field. And with a more balanced, better feeling bat your sure to enjoy the performance this bat gives through the swing zone.

2014 Louisville Slugger Attack BBCOR Bat

2014 Louisville Slugger Attack BBCOR

Made with the TRU3 Technology this 3 piece bat is hot out of the wrapper. Using a extra wide composite pattern called The Pure 360, Louisville made their strongest, lightest BBCOR ever. To reinforce barrel strength they also put in a 1 inch graphite insert. Combine this with the Attack’s socket connection piece, designed to give you the greatest potential of power on impact, and eliminate all vibration, and you have a true hunter on the field.

2014 Rawlings TRIO BBCOR Bat

2014 Rawlings Trio BBCOR

Rawlings is also using a three piece BBCOR bat this year and it’s a beast! With a 5150 POP alloy barrel, and Rawlings Trio technology composite handle, you’d think that would be enough, but it’s not for them. They also threw in the Comp Lite End Cap that has 36% more carbon fibers in it than most standard end caps. This makes the BBCOR extremely light feeling and transfers that through the hitting zone for a superior performance.

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Rawlings Baseball Gloves and Bats – Manufacturer Spotlight

Rawlings Baseball Bats and Baseball GlovesRawlings Baseball Gloves and Bats: One of the most common baseball glove brands you will see on the benches of high school and slow pitch softball dugouts comes from Rawlings. The company was founded in 1887 and is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. The company is one of the largest in the market and is a licensed manufacturer of gloves for Major League Baseball and the NCAA. The company is also a licensed producer of products for the National Football League.

Rawlings was the producer of the first major glove innovation in 1912. This innovation was the “sure catch” glove which was a one-piece unit with sewn-in finger positions. As years went one, more changes were made to the glove, including one at the suggestion of Bill Doak. Doak’s idea was to turn the fielding glove into something that wasn’t just for protection, rather make it something that could be used as an asset for fielding batted balls.

Rawlings is also known for is the Rawlings Gold Glove Awards. As an officially licensed produce of gloves for MLB, this award is meant to award those players that have shown the best ability to use their gloves in the field. The award has been awarded annually since 1958 to the best defensive players at each position from the American and National Leagues.

Rawlings doesn’t only produce some of the best gloves in the market, but they also produce some of the best wood bats for use in baseball and softball leagues. The Rawlings Big Stick is one of the best options for those seeking out a top bat at an affordable price. These bats are made with composite handles and the design shows how the company has evolved its’ line of popular baseball bats over time.

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