Shoeless Joe Gloves Recaptured a Small Piece of Baseball History

Shoeless Joe Gloves Recaptured a Small Piece of Baseball History

Remember the Golden Age of baseball? Where the focus was on the fans and the purity of simply playing the game? And you didn’t have to spend half of your paycheck for tickets as well as food and refreshments? It may be difficult to remember those times, and the reality is that they are long gone, but Shoeless Joe gloves has created a way for you to experience a bit of that nostalgia. They’ve recaptured a small piece of baseball history, and offer the modern day player a chance to enjoy the look and feel of a high-quality glove that old time pros would have used on the diamond.

Shoeless Joe Gloves

Shoeless Joe provides a choice between two different series of baseball gloves: the Golden Era Glove series and the Professional Model series. In this Shoeless Joe glove review, we’ll provide you with the basics of their traditional glove crafting that is sure to make this company similarly stand the test of time.Shoeless Joe Junior Youth Glove

The Golden Era Glove series offers the classic design and texture that you would find from the game’s earlier years. The expert craftsmen at Shoeless Joe utilize the patterns and components unique to that period, hand-cutting and sewing their selected leather. The leather for each glove goes through their distinctive Tobacco Tanning process, and is also hand-rubbed with a mix of special ingredients before it even gets to the break-in phase.   Wearing one of these Shoeless Joe gloves may not make you play like Babe Ruth, but you will certainly be equipped with the same style of glove that he played with. A classic look for the confident, current player of today.

For the ballplayer that desires a superiorly constructed glove like the models found in the Golden Era series, but would rather have a more contemporary look, the Professional Model series is sure to contain just what you are looking for! Each and every Shoeless Joe Professional Model baseball glove is hand-crafted identically as the Golden Era models. Tobacco tanned and kneaded, Shoeless Joe’s leather doesn’t require a period of breaking-in the glove. A Professional Model, Shoeless Joe glove is ready to perform on the field from the moment they are purchased. The only other question that remains…are you?

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