Dustin Pedroia DP-15 A2000 and A2K Wilson Gloves

Dustin Pedroia DP-15 A2000 and A2K Wilson Gloves

Dustin Pedroia WILSON A2K BASEBALL GLOVE Dustin Pedroia is passionate about the baseball glove he uses. He is one of the best players in Major League Baseball, and one of the best second basemen in the game. How he came to be a Wilson fielding glove believer is actually a very interesting, and cool story. He is so passionate that when Wilson brought in Aso San their glove guru, Pedroia didn’t even think Aso Could make a glove that he loved, but Aso did just that.

He customized to the extreme specifications of Dustin Pedroia’s preferences, it has everything he wanted. A tight-fitting on the hand, flared fingers, and half the palm padding for a better feel of where the ball is in the mitt. They even threw in the extra long laces on the outside of the glove so you could whip it back and forth just like him. See this clip on how far Wilson went to make Pedroia part ways with his beloved fifteen year old glove, and why he now says this is the perfect, most ideal glove for an infielder.

The Wilson A2000 Series is made from the world renown “Wilson Pro stock Leather”.  An American Steer hide sought after by professionals and amateurs alike, with a reputation for the highest quality, and toughest durability on the market.

The Dustin Pedroia Wilson Glove A2000 DP15 GM, has an H-web because that was Dustin’s choice for all of his signature series. However A2000’s are available in a variety of choices such as I-Web, Closed two-piece, Trapeze, and Basket.

Another special feature to the Wilson Baseball Gloves Pedroia influenced is the Rolled Dual Welting. This reinforces the glove by running down the back of the fingers to the wrist opening, by pre-shaping the glove to ensure a perfect break in. Because serious athletes push the extremes of their equipment, the 11.5 inch Wilson DP15 also has double lacing in the web, and Dri-Lex Technology in the lining of the wrist to help keep your hand cool as well as remove sweat away from the area.

The Wilson A2K Gloves are the same as the A2000’s except they use the top %5 of the American pro stock leather from Wilson’s inventory to provide flawless leather with unparalleled look and durability. The A2K leather is also worked over three times as much by a master leather craftsman to pre-shape the glove for a guaranteed best possible break in. The Dustin Pedroia Wilson A2K is the Signature glove he actually uses in his games.

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