Rawlings BBCOR Baseball Bats for 2015


2015 RX4 BBCOR

We here at Cheapbats.com are carrying four of Rawlings BBCOR models for any player ranging from the casual Sunday league player to the highly competitive college player. We start things off with their base model, the Rawlings RX4 BBCOR bat. At nearly a quarter of the price, the RX4 gives you a one piece alloy bat with the RX4 aluminum. This bat is very durable, and ideal for the player who is looking to have good time, and get a quality bat without having to break the bank.


2015 5150 BBCOR Wood Composite

Next up is the 2015 Rawlings 5150 Wood Composite BBCOR Baseball Bat. This bat is for all the high school and college players looking to have a wood bat that won’t break on a bad pitch but still gives them the performance, and feel, of a classic wood bat. Really if you just enjoy hitting with a wood bat you will probably be pleased with this purchase.


2015 5150 BBCOR Alloy

2015 Rawlings 5150 BBCOR Baseball Bat  is Rawlings’ midlevel BBCOR bat. It features an radically engineered technologically larger sweet spot, and employs the Comp-lite end cap for wider swing speeds. Rawlings stuck with the 5150 BBCOR alloy because of that bat’s wide reputation for power and durability. The 5150 commands respect across any diamond or field.



2015 Velo BBCOR (Available in a Balanced & End Loaded Edition)

Now we get to the Rawlings Velo BBCOR, one of Rawlings’ high end high school and college bats.  Rawlings made some changes to the design of the barrel as well as the end cap. Using their “Precision Optimized Performance” or pOp™ they were able to thin the walls of the barrel to increase the sweet spot of the bat by 25%.  Top that off with Rawlings’ new Comp-lite End Cap, and you have a bat that has one of the fastest swing speeds in baseball. Rawlings made two versions of this model, one with an end load, and one with a balanced swing weight. Both are the same bat, yet the end loads are for the power hitters, while the balanced version is for your contact hitters.



2015 Trio BBCOR – Rawlings’ #1 Bat for this season!

Now for Rawlings Flagship! Being one of the few three piece bats in the market, the Rawlings Trio BBCOR Baseball Bat is hot out of the wrapper and has all the bells and whistles featured on any of the best BBCOR bats in the market today. Coming in both an end loaded and balanced version.  The special three piece design actually absorbs vibration, taking away the unpleasant feedback from the hands, and directing it back into the sweet spot of the new “Precision Optimized Performance” barrel. It even has the same Comp-lite end cap of the Velo to make sure you get every little goody Rawlings had in its grab bag. If you have the disposable income to play with, this is a high end performance car all the way, and in the right hands, you might just find yourself leaving the yard with it.



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Rawlings Velo BBCOR Baseball Bat


2015 Velo BBCOR. Available at CheapBats.com!

We here at Cheapbats.com have recently had a chance to swing one of Rawlings’ best BBCOR bats of 2015. This all alloy BBCOR bat is made from Rawlings tried and true, aerospace aluminum that they have used in years past, but is now highly tuned with what Rawlings calls “Precision Optimized Performance” or “POP” for short. This is a process where they’ve taken alloy in the bat, and moved to other places in the handle and barrel, to increase bat speed, and create a larger more responsive sweet spot. Rawlings also added the “Comp-Lite” End Cap for better M.O.I which is just another fancy way to say faster swing speed. Rawlings has made two models for the 2015 BBCOR Velo. One with and End Load, for all you power hitters, and one with a balanced swing weight for all the contact hitters. I swung and liked both bats, and have almost nothing but good things to say about the Rawlings Velo. I really enjoyed the pop of the Velo, its comparable to any of the other top of the line BBCORs for 2015. I liked the weight distribution, looks, and overall feel of the Velo BBCOR and was impressed with the size of its sweet spot. I felt a little feedback in my hands on balls that weren’t hit properly but I can hardly complain about it. All the best BBCORs now more or less have some vibration reduction system in place, and the Velo’s were adequate. I’m really splitting hairs here trying to find something to say that wasn’t good on the Velo. All in all Rawlings has made in my opinion a strong performing bat for $100 dollars less than their top of the line BBCOR bat, the TRIO. The Rawlings BBCOR Velo is approved for college and high school play. Purchase the Balanced Velo BBCOR, or the End Loaded Velo BBCOR, from your friendly baseball retailer at Cheapbats.com today.

Mizuno Generation BBCOR Baseball Bat


Mizuno Generation BBCOR Baseball Bat – Available at CheapBats.com!

The all new Mizuno Generation BBCOR bat is here and ready for action. Mizuno is excited to jump into the mix with their hot 2015 BBCOR this year, and their looking for the competition. Utilizing the most advance alloy Mizuno’s baseball department has, they made a BBCOR bat with electric pop.  To achieve a BBCOR barrel with the largest sweet spot possible, Mizuno came up with a patented wall thickness system that delivers one of the best BBCORs for 2015. The black and white Mizuno Generation bat offers a balanced swing weight that feels great, and makes it easy to get through the swing zone quickly. I was very impressed with the feedback, and response of the Generation. It had almost no vibration, which goes to show the lengths of how far Mizuno has taken this aerospace alloy BBCOR bat. The performance of this bat in the cages for me was impressive. I’ve swung several BBCOR models this year, and the only other BBCOR that had this big of a sweet spot was the Demarini CF7. I still think the CF7 is better, but only because of other features that make that bat a nearly endless joy to swing. The CF7 also costs more than twice as much as the Mizuno Generation BBCOR, so there’s that. Overall I really liked the Generation, and would have no disappointment if this was my BBCOR bat for the 2015 season. I know she’s not the most expensive girl to bring to the dance, but she sure knows how to have a good time.
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2015 RIP-IT Senior Air Youth Big Barrel Bat Review

RIP-IT is back at it again in 2015 with a brand new lineup of youth big barrel baseball bats. They are known for making high quality products, and their commitment to the players that use their bats is second to none. Here we’ll go over what you can expect from the selection of 2015 RIP-IT youth big barrel bats.2015-Rip-It-Air-Senior-B1510-Main

When you do something right the first time, there generally aren’t many reasons to stir the pot. RIP-IT has kept it simple and created one model bat that is available in a few different options depending on the type of player you are and the type of bat you’re looking for. Minor improvements have been made, but the consistency in quality and performance remains the same.

2015-Rip-It-Senior-Air-5-B1505-2The 2015 RIP-IT Senior Air Youth Big Barrel is a one-piece aluminum bat. Constructed out of their high strength R3 Alloy, this RIP-IT senior league bat will have a stiff and responsive feel similar to that of a more traditional metal bat. The weight of the RIP-IT Senior Air is evenly distributed and allows for ultimate swing speed and bat control at the plate.

A cushioned contact grip has been wrapped around these bats to provide more comfort and reduce the amount of vibration that is fed back to the hands when you don’t quite make the contact you were hoping for. Confidence is also sure to rise every time a ball is well struck and the sweet “ping” sound echoes through the park.2015-Rip-It-Senior-Air-8-B1508-2

RIP-IT will be offering their 2015 Senior Air youth big barrel bat in four different options. You’ve got the -5,  -8 and -10 with a 2 ⅝” barrel diameter, and you’ve also got a -10 model with a 2 ¾” monster barrel. For the power hitter who can whip the extra weight through the zone, the -8 will be your ticket to the top of all offensive categories. Need something a little lighter for that little player with big heart? Whether you go with the standard 2 ⅝” barrel or the bigger 2 ¾” barrel, the -10 RIP-IT Senior Air youth big barrel has got you covered!

It’s obvious RIP-IT has taken their time and made a youth big barrel bat they can stand behind, but their main concern isn’t so much in whether or not they love their product; their focus is on providing the customer with a great experience and 100% confidence in their purchase. That’s why RIP-IT not only offers a 400 day warranty with unlimited replacements for bats that stop performing to their full potential, they proudly extend their “Love it or return it” policy to all products that they carry. Their motto is “simply buy, try and decide.” If you love it, keep it. If you don’t, send it right on back!2015-Rip-It-Air-Senior-BB-B1510B-Main

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2015 RIP-IT Air Youth Baseball Bat Review

Contrary to popular opinion, one is not the loneliest number. This holds especially true in regards to the 2015 RIP-IT Air youth baseball bat. RIP-IT has taken out all the guesswork and allowed the Youth AIR to shine brightly as their one and only offering for the 2015 youth baseball bat lineup.2015-Rip-It-Air-Youth-B1512-Main

2015 RIP-IT AIR Youth Baseball Bat -12 B1512

The 2015 RIP-IT Youth AIR is built with speed and contact in mind. Using their extremely strong R3 Alloy, RIP-IT has created a youth baseball bat that is impeccably balanced and built to last. With a length to weight ratio of -12, the Youth AIR is easily controlled and can be effortlessly swung through the hitting zone at an impressive rate of speed. For the younger player still adjusting to growth spurts, the 2015 RIP-IT Youth AIR will leave them confident in their ability to adjust to the velocity of even the hardest throwing pitchers in the league. To add to the overall comfort and feel, RIP-IT includes their contact grip to lessen vibration at the point of contact.


  • 1-piece R3 alloy design
  • Barrel diameter of 2 ¼”
  • Drop 12 length to weight ratio
  • Little League approved

To alleviate any buyers remorse or doubt in their product, RIP-IT also has a couple very user friendly policies in place. The first is their 30 day “Love it or return it” policy. Go ahead and buy the bat, try it out as much as you’d like within the allotted 30 days post purchase, and if you’re not completely in love with it you can send it back to them for a full refund. If you do decide to keep the bat, you can rest assuredly thanks to their 400-day warranty. This extended warranty comes equipped with unlimited replacements and complimentary shipping each way for U.S. customers.2015-Rip-It-Youth-Air-12-B1512-2

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2015 DeMarini Ultimate Weapon Slowpitch Softball Bat


2015 DeMarini Ultimate Weapon Slowpitch Softball Bat

The 2015 DeMarini Ultimate Weapon is one slowpitch softball bat every soldier can afford to have in his arsenal! The Ultimate Weapon may be one of DeMarini’s basic model slowpitch softball bats, but don’t let that fool you; it’s still equipped with some nice features that will have the player feeling confident with their purchase, and most importantly, confident at the plate!

The Ultimate Weapon is a one-piece, single wall design and is constructed out of DeMarini’s highly durable SC4 Alloy. Using a process called proprietary aluminum extrusion, they have thickened the entire wall of the barrel to extend the sweet spot and maximize durability.

DeMarini has also added a Rotation Index which is a numerical system that helps players to remember when it’s a good time to rotate the bat. By evenly distributing the location of contact, the bat will be able to take the abuse of countless hits and endure the wear and tear of multiple seasons. And thanks to the Thrasher Grip, as soon as you grab hold of the Ultimate Weapon it’s as if it becomes an extension of your body. This low profile grip provides great traction and additional bat control, all of which translates into increased production and performance.

The beauty of the 2015 DeMarini Ultimate Weapon really is in its simplicity. It’s built to show up and perform day in and day out. It may not be as flashy or have all the bells and whistles as some of the more expensive models, but you will have the peace of mind knowing that you can use this bat in virtually every slowpitch leauge (approved by ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF) and that you didn’t break the bank doing so.

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2015 DeMarini SF7 Slowpitch Softball Bat


2015 DeMarini SF7 Slowpitch Softball Bat

The 2015 DeMarini SF7 is a great choice for the softball player looking for a two-piece, hybrid slowpitch softball bat. DeMarini utilizes their X10 material to create a powerful, double-wall barrel. This alloy material is structurally controlled to expand the sweet spot of the barrel and create extremely thin walls that are long-lasting. With the X10 barrel, you can expect more of the classic feel and sound of bats that have won the support and dedication of DeMarini enthusiasts over the years.

The handle of the SF7 is made from DeMarini’s C6 Composite material. C6 composite has a wide weave which helps to make the handle flexible and responsive. DeMarini has placed their N2M End Cap at the top of the barrel to increase the comfort factor of the 2015 SF7. The end cap helps to dampen vibration and sustain power that would have ultimately been lost due to making poor contact. This will help to make each hit have a more solid feel, and will allow some forgiveness for those times you don’t quite square up the ball.

DeMarini’s sticky, low profile Thrasher Grip can also be found on the SF7. This grip provides a comfortable feel and aids in bat control. The 2015 SF7 is evenly balanced, and a great slowpitch bat selection for the player who is looking for optimal bat speed through the hitting zone. Aside from all these great features, the DeMarini SF7 is approved for play in multiple associations which include ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA and ISF. A 12 month manufacturer’s warranty is also included for your peace of mind.

There are many options available when selecting a slowpitch softball bat. Don’t be intimidated: Our bat experts are extremely knowledgeable, and are ready to answer any and all of your questions. Get your 2015 DeMarini SF7 and more right here at Cheapbats.com, where your

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2015 DeMarini Insane Baseball Bat Review

2015 DeMarini Insane

2015 DeMarini Insane Baseball Bat

The 2015 DeMarini Insane Baseball Bat is going to be one of the hottest single piece bats available, giving off mad pop and INSANE power! The BBCOR version comes in a slick white and green design, while the Youth Big Barrel and Youth editions come in a blacked out style. Staying true to their commitment of providing the most innovative and high-performing bats on the market, DeMarini has applied technological advancements from top to bottom in construction and material that help improve upon last year’s model.

The Insane is crafted using their own SC4 Alloy material. SC4 Alloy is a very durable and sturdy aluminum. It is also thickness tuned, providing hitters with an optimal feel and elite performance capabilities. Built as a single wall and packed with a wicked sweet spot, the Insane can be used by contact and power hitters alike.

The Low Profile D End Cap on this bat is scientifically tuned to absorb vibration while maximizing power, all the while keeping a balanced and light feel. The Low Pro cap also redirects contact energy back into the barrel’s sweet spot, giving this green machine trampoline effect that results in mad pop. Lastly, this bat comes with a standard knob and comfortable performance grip.

The Insane is DeMarini’s top of the line single wall bat. It’s advanced materials place it above the 2014 Uprising Baseball Bat, however; it is not as advanced as the multi-piece BBCOR bats that DeMarini has to offer. The Insane is also decently priced and has very good durability compared to its peers.

Below are all the 2015 editions of the Insane Baseball Bat from DeMarini and the leagues they can be used in:

2015 DeMarini Insane BBCOR Baseball Bat -3oz (2 ⅝”) – High School/Collegiate Baseball

2015 DeMarini Insane Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bat -9oz (2 ⅝”) – Senior League/Travel Baseball

2015 DeMarini Insane Youth Baseball Bat -12oz (2 ¼”) – Little League/Youth Baseball

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2015 DeMarini Vendetta Fastpitch Softball Bat

Say hello to the new 2015 DeMarini Vendetta. New and improved from last year, the Vendetta is primed for a dominant 2015 campaign.

2015-DeMarini-Vendetta-Fastpitch-SoftballDeMarini incorporates their Half + Half, Single Wall Barrel Design that performance matches the barrel and the handle to create optimum weighting for mad pop during impact. The barrel is constructed with Paradox Composite material, which is a more intense composite that helps the bat perform soft and strong, so the Vendetta smoothly rips the softball to the fence with a more responsive sweet spot. The D-Lite Handle is a version of the D-Fusion handle you see on the 2015 CF7 lineup and, although it’s not quite to that performance level, still significantly limits the harsh feedback and vibration that can occur from those non-sweet spot hits. The handle is also made out of C6 Composite material, redirecting contact energy right back into the barrel for significant trampoline. This trampoline effect is what’s going to turn singles into doubles and doubles into home runs!

Some other features of the Vendetta include the 2 ¼” barrel diameter, standard D molded end cap and knob, and sweet performance grip wrapped around the handle. The Vendetta is 1.20 BPF approved and is certified for play by USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA and ISF softball associatons. This bat is also available in a drop -10 (High School/Youth) and a drop -12 (Youth) length to weight ratio.

In the scheme of things, the Vendetta for fastpitch is a great bat at a great price. It’s above the 2014 Bustos and just below the 2015 CF7 in terms of performance capability. If you’re wanting performance without going top tier, this bat is worth serious consideration.

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2015 DeMarini NVS Vexxum Baseball Bat Review

One of the best aluminum barrel bats in the game, DeMarini‘s NVS Vexxum baseball bat is back for the 2015 campaign and ready to steal the show from the batter’s box!

2015 DeMarini NVS Vexxum Baseball Bat - Available at CheapBats.com

2015 DeMarini NVS Vexxum Baseball Bat – Available at CheapBats.com

While the new orange paint job is an awesome look, the best part of the X12 Alloy Barrel is the power and strength that it offers, while still keeping a very light swing weight. The X12 Alloy is one of the best aluminum materials in the game, giving it ridiculous pop to combine with the nice sweet spot. The barrel is connected to the C6 Composite Handle, which is a wider weave pattern giving hitters better handle stability and great responsiveness. Another great feature is the Low Profile D End Cap, which redirects energy back to the sweet spot for increased distance with every hit. Using the Half & Half Design, DeMarini performance matches the handle and the barrel to maximize energy burst upon contact.

An important thing to know about this bat is the NVS Barrel Design does make for a smaller barrel, but it doesn’t sacrifice the sweet spot’s ability and the power that comes with it. DeMarini does this to give hitters amazing bat speed going through the hitting zone so they can consistently stay on time with the ball.

I was able to jump in the batting cage with the 2015 DeMarini Vexxum NVS BBCOR, along with the 2015 CF7 and 2015 Voodoo Overlord FT. I was thoroughly impressed with the extremely light feel on the Vexxum, which had a noticeably lighter swing weight than the CF7 and the Voodoo. The Vexxum Grip also felt great and I was able to drive the ball effectively, with the great energy transfer inside the barrel obviously making a difference. The C6 handle on this bat, though, is not as effective at limiting vibration as the D-Fusion handle on the CF7 and the Voodoo. Lastly, the composite barrel on the CF7 is a notch above the aluminum on this NVS and the Voodoo, but the CF7 is also the most expensive of the bunch.

Bottom Line: For the price, the NVS is a great buy, giving you a top notch bat with incredible bang for your buck.

Below are all the 2015 editions of the Vexxum NVS Baseball Bat from DeMarini and the leagues they’re meant for:

2015 DeMarini Vexxum NVS BBCOR Baseball Bat -3oz (2 ⅝”) – High School/Collegiate Baseball

2015 DeMarini Vexxum NVS Senior League Baseball Bat -5oz (2 ⅝”) – Senior League/Travel Baseball

2015 DeMarini Vexxum NVS Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bat -10oz (2 ⅝”) – Senior League/Travel Baseball

2015 DeMarini Vexxum NVS Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bat -10.5oz (2 ¾”) – Senior League/Travel Baseball

2015 DeMarini Vexxum NVS Youth Baseball Bat -12oz (2 ¼”) – Little League/Youth Baseball

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