USSSA Slowpitch 1.20 Stamped Bats Now Legal Until 2023

USSSA Slowpitch 1.20 Stamped Bats Now Legal Until 2023

ANAHEIM, CA (November, 6 2019) – USSSA has updated their grandfather dates for the current 1.20 USSSA stamp bats. 1.20 USSSA stamped slowpitch softball bats will now be allowed in USSSA play until January, 1st. 2023.

This is excellent news for USSSA bat owners, effectively extending the life of their current USSSA slowpitch softball bats for another 2 years beyond USSSA’s original drop dead date of 01-01-2021 for the current USSSA stamp.

Behind the scenes was a leader in providing feedback and making pleas to USSSA as well as contacts at all of the major bat brands requesting an extension to allow players a fair amount of time to use the bats they currently own, and ultimately the new USSSA federation agreed.

Current 1.20 USSSA stamp bats with the lower 220 compression will stop being produced on January, 1st. 2021. After January, 1st 2021 bat makers must begin producing the new, 240 compression USSSA bats. This will create a high demand for old stamped bats with a 220 compression until the 220 compression bats are phased out in 2023. has the largest inventory and selection of new, used, and closeout bats in the world. Not to mention free shipping, free returns, and a Batisfaction Guarantee!

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