2020 DeMarini Steel Slowpitch Softball Bat – The King of Single Wall Bats

2020 DeMarini Steel Slowpitch Softball Bat – The King of Single Wall Bats

Most city-run slowpitch softball leagues require the use of metal bats with a single wall design. The 2020 DeMarini Steel is hands down the most popular and highest performing metal slowpitch softball bat on the market.

2020 DeMarini Steel Slowpitch Softball Bat

Barrel Hardness

The DeMarini Steel uses a hardened metal that goes through a carburizing process to give the 2020 Steel a hard and durable barrel. Why does a hard barrel matter? The ASA softball used in many leagues and organizations is on the softer side. Softer compression softballs are hit better with a harder barrel. The Steel is the only slowpitch bat that undergoes such a hardening process.

2020 DeMarini Steel Handle


The performance of the Steel is unrivaled by any other current single wall, alloy softball bat. The 2 piece design with a separate handle and barrel provide excellent whip and trampoline on contact, while also minimizing felt vibration. I play almost exclusively in metal bat, single wall leagues and I am not exaggerating when I say everyone uses the DeMarini Steel.

2020 DeMarini Steel ASA USSA NSF ISA Stamps


The Steel is one of the most durable slowpitch bats available. I have two of the 2016 Steels that have been used by my entire team every week for nearly 3 years straight with no damage or decrease in performance. The Steel does come with a one year warranty just in case.


An extra hard barrel and 2 piece design make the 2020 DeMarini Steel softball bat unquestionably the best bat option when a single-wall metal bat is needed.

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