Rawlings Velo BBCOR Baseball Bat

Rawlings Velo BBCOR Baseball Bat
2015 Velo BBCOR. Available at CheapBats.com!

We here at Cheapbats.com have recently had a chance to swing one of Rawlings’ best BBCOR bats of 2015. This all alloy BBCOR bat is made from Rawlings tried and true, aerospace aluminum that they have used in years past, but is now highly tuned with what Rawlings calls “Precision Optimized Performance” or “POP” for short. This is a process where they’ve taken alloy in the bat, and moved to other places in the handle and barrel, to increase bat speed, and create a larger more responsive sweet spot. Rawlings also added the “Comp-Lite” End Cap for better M.O.I which is just another fancy way to say faster swing speed. Rawlings has made two models for the 2015 BBCOR Velo. One with and End Load, for all you power hitters, and one with a balanced swing weight for all the contact hitters. I swung and liked both bats, and have almost nothing but good things to say about the Rawlings Velo. I really enjoyed the pop of the Velo, its comparable to any of the other top of the line BBCORs for 2015. I liked the weight distribution, looks, and overall feel of the Velo BBCOR and was impressed with the size of its sweet spot. I felt a little feedback in my hands on balls that weren’t hit properly but I can hardly complain about it. All the best BBCORs now more or less have some vibration reduction system in place, and the Velo’s were adequate. I’m really splitting hairs here trying to find something to say that wasn’t good on the Velo. All in all Rawlings has made in my opinion a strong performing bat for $100 dollars less than their top of the line BBCOR bat, the TRIO. The Rawlings BBCOR Velo is approved for college and high school play. Purchase the Balanced Velo BBCOR, or the End Loaded Velo BBCOR, from your friendly baseball retailer at Cheapbats.com today.

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