Wood Baseball Bat Gift Giving Guide

Wood Baseball Bat Gift Giving Guide

Louisville Slugger Wood Baseball BatsFor many baseball players, young and old, there is a major need to have the tools to be successful. You can’t expect to succeed without having the right equipment and that applies to every aspect of the sport. From fielding and batting gloves to baseball bats, the better equipment you have, the better equipped you will be to produce great numbers and to be a star.

When it comes to the best wood baseball bats, there are two that stand out as the best. Louisville Slugger manufactures both the Grand Slam and the Maple Wood Baseball Bat that can be used in just about every sanctioned league. Which of these two are best for you or anyone on your shopping list to swing?

Louisville Slugger Grand Slam Wood Baseball Bat

This all-black wood baseball bat is one of the best available on the market today and needs to be purchased today before they run out. It is available in a single size of 32″ and is made of ash. It is a bat that is used by several Major League Baseball stars and is a wood baseball bat that comes with the replica signature of several MLB superstars. The bat was released in 2012 and is easy to grip and can be used in either batting cages or in real-time game.

Louisville Slugger Maple Wood Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger Maple Wood Baseball BatThis wood baseball bat was released in 2013 and is made with hard maple. It has a great natural finish and is constructed to last. It is a bat that can be used constantly for batting practice without fear of breaking and can also be used in games. The Maple also does a solid job of absorbing any vibrations that can happen in a swing, especially during the cold season.

Many younger players would much rather swing an aluminum bat because of the thought that the ball will travel further. When you have raw talent and have a perfect fundamental swing, it doesn’t matter what tool you have in your hands. When you swing one of these two Louisville Slugger bats, you are being destined for greatness.

Give the gift of wood this holiday season! Call Cheapbats for questions on these and all the great Louisville Slugger wood baseball bats.

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