BBCOR Adult Baseball Bats – Specifically Designed for Adult Play

BBCOR Adult Baseball Bats – Specifically Designed for Adult Play

These bats are becoming more popular as more men and women become interested in joining adult league baseball teams, and require the BBCOR bat certification.  As new players the often fell the need to purchase the best equipment. However, because of all the available choices, exactly which types of equipment serve the player best? The answer can often be a confounding issue, unless you understand the differences between the available choices.

 Single Piece vs. Two-Piece Baseball Bats

Baseball bat manufacturers craft bats in a single piece and as two pieces that are bonded together. Bats that are made of a single piece have the same material in its overall design. The significant advantage to this type of design is that it provides a stiffer, stronger bat that only produces minimal flexibility. This is the ideal solution for any batter that is looking for a quality stiff bat for hitting.

Alternatively, baseball bats that are manufactured as two individual pieces are held together in a bonding process. The barrel is separate from the handle. However, when bonded, they create a strategic point of contact that has the natural ability to produce a trampoline effect when the ball is hit. It also produces significantly less vibration because it is more flexible than a one-piece bat.

 Alloy Bats vs. Composites or Hybrids

Bats that are manufactured from alloys are typically a one-piece design that uses either just aluminum or aluminum that has been formulated with other alloys to create a stronger unit. These types of alloy bats are thinner and extremely durable along with being highly responsive. Alternatively, a composite bat is manufactured using a mixture of fiberglass, graphite, carbon fiber, and at times Kevlar.

However, it is important to understand that many adult leagues are starting to ban bats that are manufactured using a composite barrel. This is due to the carbon fiber weave that produces a hotter response than many leagues allow. It is important to check the rules of the league before making the purchase of a bat with a composite barrel.

Using a hybrid baseball bat offers the best of both worlds between aluminum alloys and a composite barrel. It is typically a two-piece design that offers durability and flexibility.

Wood Bats

Many individuals still choose to use wood baseball bats specifically designed for adults. They’re usually crafted out of composite wood, bamboo, maple or ash.

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