Southbat Manufacturer Profile

Southbat Manufacturer Profile

Southbat Baseball BatsSouthbat is changing things in the wood baseball bat market. There are a lot of people think that the best bats are the ones made with the common materials. That means in the wood bat family, people think of maple, ash and bamboo as being the best materials.  One bat manufacturer is trying to change that thought and open people up to the possibility of guayaibi wood (GUAH-YAH-BEE) being just as good, if not better than those other materials and that company is Southbat. As they say, “The power is in the wood”.

When Southbat opened up shop, they chose to use guayaibi wood to produce their bats instead of the traditional woods. Guayaibi wood is a solid wood that doesn’t need a composite handle to provide you the ultimate power when making solid contact. It grows in the sub-tropical forests of South America and is denser and tighter than maple, ash and bamboo wood and is the premium wood to use for bat construction. It is also more flexible than the other materials. When all these factors are put together, it provides those who use the bat more pop with each swing, extended longevity and improved durability.

Southbat bats are hand-crafted and are done to the finest specifications and quality control standards. Southbat ensures that only the best guayaibi wood is selected and extracted from the Argentinian forests. The wood is then treated and painted in their own facility to ensure quality control. Many players competing in the 2013 World Baseball Classic used Southbat baseball bats when they competed earlier this year. Their bats were also approved for use in the South American Confederation of Baseball, Pan-American Confederation of Baseball and the International Baseball Federation.

If you have not tried one of these great baseball bats by Southbat, check them out on the Cheapbats website.

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