2014 DeMarini Fastpitch Bat Review

2014 DeMarini Fastpitch Bat Review

The softball season is here! And you’re sure to find one of the best bats in the 2014 DeMarini fastptich bat line. the CF6 series.

2014 DeMarini  fastptich bat

2014 DeMarini CF6 (-10 ounce, -9 ounce, -8 ounce)

One of our best selling fastpitch bats, the CF6 bats (and CF7 later this year) are amazing bats. The 2014 CF6 is currently our second best seller in our Fastpitch Bats category, behind the 2014 Mako. The CF6 uses the new Paradox Composite in the handle and barrel. This new composite serves two purposes, to make the handle stiffer and make the barrel softer. You get a massive sweet spot and a barrel that is extremely responsive. Finish the bat off with the Clutch End Cap to help kill stinging and vibration in your hands, and you have a recipe for softball success. Also available is the CF6 Hope, which is simply a different color scheme to help promote awareness of breast cancer.

2014 DeMarini fastptich bat

2014 DeMarini CF6 Sprite (-11 ounce)

The -11 length to weight ratio has the lightest swinging DeMarini fastpitch softball bat in the CF6 lineup. The new Paradox composite barrel and handle and the -11 length to weight ratio CF6 softball bat gives younger kids an edge in the batters box. This is our best selling CF6 softball bat.

2014 DeMarini  fastptich bat

2014 DeMarini CF6 Insane

The two differences that the CF6 Insane has is the D-Fusion Handle that connects the handle and the barrel, and the end loaded swing weight. The advantage of the D-Fusion Handle is the notable reduction in vibration on mishits. If you are strong enough, the end load will help increase the distance of the softball because of the added power in the swing.

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