Marucci Cat 6 Bats Announced For Fall 2014 Launch

Marucci Cat 6 Bats Announced For Fall 2014 Launch

Just announced… The 2015 Marucci Cat 6 baseball bat line will be in stock Fall, 2014.

Marucci Cat 6 Baseball Bat

 What we know about the Cat 6 baseball bat lineup so far:

  • Fall 2014 release date
  • One-piece
  • No ring in the barrel
  • All metal alloy construction
  • Similar profile to the original Cat 5 BBCOR

One of our bat reviewers says  “….I have swung it in the cage, and it has a lot of pop. It feels good. Reminds me of the Cat 5 BBCOR, which is a very good thing.”

We expect to see the Cat 6 in the following bat categories: BBCOR, Youth Big Barrel, Youth, and hopefully a Junior Big Barrel for the little guys playing coach pitch. If pricing is similar to the Cat 5, the Cat 6 BBCOR would be priced at or around $199.95

Marucci Cat 6 Baseball Bat
New 2015 BBCOR Cat 6 by Marucci

Marucci is a best selling wood bat maker offering hand made, bone-rubbed maple and ash wood bats. They have taken Major League Baseball by storm in the past decade, with almost a 30% share of professional baseball players now swinging Marucci wood bats.


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