Easton Youth Big Barrel Bats, Speed VS Power!

Easton Youth Big Barrel Bats, Speed VS Power!

The differences between the Easton Speed Series senior league big barrel bats and The Power Series senior league bats are hard to see at first glance, but make a big impact on performance depending on what player uses which bat.

There are eight bats to choose from in this Easton Power Brigade line-up, and Easton designed these bats for serious players, with a variety of budgets as well.

The main difference between a Speed Series bat (S1, S2, S3, & S3B) and Power Series bat (XL1 -5oz,/ XL1 -8oz/  XL3 -5oz, & XL3 -9oz) is the weight. The S-Series has a shorter barrel than the X-Series making the Speed Series lighter than it’s X-Series brothers.

Easton youth big barrel S3


The S-series is a minus ten ounces to length ratio, while the X-series has 4 different length to weight ratios. That gives the  S-Series a much more balanced feel,  and is ideal for contact hitters. While the X-Series is perfect for the player who can control a heavier bat, and optimize its extra barrel and weight.

Beyond the weight differences in the Senior league bats is the material that they are made out of. Starting with the Speed lineup, the S1 is a completely composite bat. Its Easton’s own two piece connexion design, with a SIC black carbon handle, and a IMX composite barrel.

The S2 has the same two piece connexion composite handle as the S1, but uses a THT100 Scandium alloy barrel.

The S3 is a solid, all alloy bat, also using all THT100 scandium throughout.

The S3B is the same single piece bat as the S3, but the B version has a 2 3/4 barrel, making it an 1/8 of an inch bigger for leagues that allow that size.

The Easton XL or Power Series begins with the XL1’s. There are two versions of the XL1, one with a -5 oz length to weight ratio, and the other with a -8 oz length to weight ratio. They are both two-piece connexion technology, and all composite bats. Both with the SIC Black Carbon Fiber Handle, and the IMX composite barrel.

The XL3 also has two versions. one featuring a -5 oz drop and the other with a -9 oz drop. Both of the XL3’s are all alloy single piece bats, using the THT100 scandium as well.

All of these Easton Senior League bats are high end performance bats, with a price range of $199.95-$299.95.

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