2014 Easton S400 Baseball Bat Review

2014 Easton S400 Baseball Bat Review

2014 Easton S400 from Cheapbats.comThe 2014 line of Easton S400 baseball bats is one that includes a youth model, as well as a BBCOR and big barrel model. To adhere to the specifications of each league, each bat was constructed differently, but all were done with the same goal in mind of delivering a bat that will be durable and provide great results. Let’s look in depth at each model and what each provide its users. Be sure to watch the video at the end of this blog to find out more about the 2014 Easton s400 line.

2014 Easton S400 BBCOR Baseball Bat

This -3oz. bat is made of aluminum and is part of the Speed Brigade line of bats. It was designed to give a balanced swing throughout regardless of whether it is a heavier or lighter bat. Those familiar with the Easton brand of BBCOR baseball bats will be happy to know that this model replaced the Typhoon bat. The aluminum alloy Easton used in this bat was a highly durable 7046 aircraft material with a pro tack grip.

2014 Easton S400 Big Barrel Baseball Bat

Just like the other bats in the S400 line of bats, this bat was designed with the Speed Brigade requirements in mind. This -8oz. bat is made with a single piece construction, which anyone who is familiar with a single piece bat can attest to the ease in which it can be swung. The bat also has an ultra thin handle that is made for youth baseball players in mind. With a thinner handle, it will allow for younger players with smaller hands a better chance to grip the bat better.

2014 Easton S400 Youth Baseball Bat

For those youth players not competing in leagues allowing big barrel bats, this -12.5oz. bat is an ideal option. Like the other S400 bats, this bat was constructed with 7046 aircraft aluminum alloy, which is one of the most durable materials a bat can be used for a new bat construction. Much like the BBCOR bat replaced the Typhoon bat, this youth baseball bat has replaced the youth Rampage bats. The S400 has an ultra-thin handle that will allow for better grip and is approved for numerous leagues including Babe Ruth, Pony and Dixie.

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