2017 Easton Mako Beast vs. 2017 Louisville Slugger Prime 917: What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between the 2017 Easton Mako Beast and the 2017 Louisville Slugger Prime 917?

Bat Battle - Easton Mako Beast vs. Louisville Slugger Prime 917

Bat Battle – Easton Mako Beast vs. Louisville Slugger Prime 917

Well, they both have models ranging from BBCOR for High School/College, to Senior/Youth Big Barrels in both 2 5/8″ and 2 3/4″ barrel diameters, and Youth 2 1/4″ models for little league/dixie/babe ruth as well. But, what is different about them? Well, it’s the composite type, the barrel length, and the barrel-to-handle connection piece.

Let’s start with the composite. Easton uses Thermo Composite Technology (TCT) on the Mako Beast, which is Easton’s top composite material. Louisville Slugger uses MicroForm Composite on the Prime 917, which is an upgrade over the Pure 360 Composite they used in years past. TCT and MicroForm are very similar and comparable, while also being very durable. They each have good pop out of wrapper, but the break-in period is key for the sweet spot to reach its full potential.

Next is the barrel size. The Mako Beast’s barrel length is definitely longer, as EastonĀ made it their goal to create more potent hitting surface and longer barrel lengths on the 2017 line of Mako Beasts. However, even with such a big barrel, the Mako Beast is still pretty balanced, so you’re not going to have an end-heavy bat that slows down your swing speed. The Prime 917 doesn’t have the extended barrel length of the Mako Beast, but the weight distribution with the Prime gives the bat an incredible “feel”, with the sweet spot just as potent as any other bat in the composite game.

Lastly, the barrel-to-handle connection piece. Above mentioned was the incredible “feel” of the Prime 917, but part of that is due to the TRU3 Technology, which connects the Prime 917’s barrel to one side and the handle to the other, without allowing them to touch, which increases flex and also eliminates sting/vibration as much, if not more, than any other bat. This construction gives the Prime 917 a “feel” that no other bat can compare to. However, the Mako Beast is better if you want multi-piece composite, but don’t want so much flex, since Easton’s CXN piece is just a simple barrel-to-handle connection with no separate piece in between. It still kills a good amount of sting/vibration, and has a great feel of its own.

Which is better? That just comes down to personal preference, as they’re both top notch. You really cannot go wrong. Below is each model, or group of models, allowing you to find what you’re looking for.

BBCOR 2 5/8″ -3

2017 Easton Mako Beast BBCOR Baseball Bat -3oz BB17MK

2017 Louisville Slugger Prime 917 BBCOR Baseball Bat -3oz WTLBBP9173

Youth Big Barrel 2 5/8″ -5, -8, -10

2017 Easton Mako Beast Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bats SL17MK

2017 Louisville Slugger Prime 917 Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bats WTLSLP917

Youth Big Barrel 2 3/4″ -10

2017 Easton Mako Beast Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bat 2 3/4″ -10oz SL17MK10B

2017 Louisville Slugger Prime 917 Youth Big Barrel Baseball BatĀ 2 3/4″ -10oz WTLSLP917X

Junior Big Barrel 2 3/4″ -12

2017 Easton Mako Beast Junior Big Barrel Baseball Bat 2 3/4″ -12oz JBB17MK12B

Youth 2 1/4″ -10, -11, -12

2017 Easton Mako Beast Youth Baseball Bats YB17MK

2017 Louisville Slugger Prime 917 Youth Baseball Bats WTLYBP917



  1. My son got the Mako beast 30in 20oz 2 5/8 barrel for christmas. He still has last years mako 2 1/14 30in 18oz -12 bat. The 2 oz difference seems sooooo huge on this bat. To me the bat feels super heavy..Im worried about when the travel season starts if he will be alright swinging it..Hes 10 yrs old 80 lbs. Anyone else have the Beast big barrel?

  2. Yes I have run into the same thing! Fall ball we used mako beast 30/29 2 1/4 and my son crushed it. Bought the 30/20 2 3/4 mako beast and it is too heavy. Just had a tourney and just to heaver. Hate to spend the money but may have to buy 29/19 2 3/4. However the Louisville Slugger Prime 917 may be my option it seems like the hot bat of the season.

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