DeMarini for Fall Ball Softball: Part 2 – Staying Competitive

DeMarini for Fall Ball Softball: Part 2 – Staying Competitive

DeMarini  for Fall Ball

Demarini Ultimate for Fall BallJust because the weather has turned from hot to cold in much of the United States doesn’t mean you have to stop playing slow pitch softball. In many colder areas of the country, the sport is still played through October and up until Thanksgiving, while people in warmer locales can continue to play their favorite sport year round. Depending on what area you are playing your fall softball in, what are the best DeMarini bats that are designed to give you the maximum performance with every swing?


With most fall ball slow pitch softball leagues taking part in the evening hours, by the time the sun goes down, you are looking at temperatures ranging anywhere from 40 to 60 degrees. With these temperatures below the recommended temperature for optimal use for most aluminum bats, your bat options are limited.

Among the best choices for bats would be single wall models. Even the company known for the best single wall bats (Anderson Bat Company) recommends not using their products in the cold. With that said, your best option for a cold weather situation would be DeMarini Ultimate Weapon. This single wall bat is made with SC4 Alloy and is made with a gigantic sweet spot.


For those playing fall ball in the Florida, Georgia and Alabama region, the options are endless for the best bats to use. If you are in a composite league, one of the best bats to try out is the Stadium CL22 bat made for slow pitch superstar Chris Larsen. This is the same bat Larsen used at USSSA World’s to crush balls out of Champion Stadium with relative ease.


It all depends on what area of the Midwest you are in, but if you are in a location where the weather is in the 60s, you may want to try sticking with a bat like the Demarini Steel. The Steel was one of the most popular bats during the 2013 spring and summer season and is a bat that will be talked about for years to come, much like the White Steel of 2010.

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