What Makes the Ideal Softball Bat?

What Makes the Ideal Softball Bat?

Being successful at the game of softball requires consistent hitting. The ideal softball bat can help achieve his or her goal of being great at the sport. A softball bat that is worn out limits the ability to perfect the swing and decreases the velocity that the ball can be hit . The ideal softball bat maximizes the speed of the swing and can measurably improve batting skills. The point is, it pays to replace, even a much loved bat from time to time.

The Ideal Softball Bat

So, exactly what makes an ideal softball bat? It often depends on the skill level of the softball player. However, every softball bat will eventually wear out due to extended use. Many available softball bats are manufactured out of aluminum, which over time can start to dent, due to repeated hits.

Based on the height and weight of the player, a bat can be too short or too long, and even too light or too heavy. For many lightweight players, a heavy bat can slow down the speed of the swing. While a lighter bat might have the ability to increase swing speed, it also can increase the potential of over-swinging.

 The Bat’s Function

Many times, a coach will choose a variety of bats for their players in an effort to maximize their abilities. Heavy softball bats are often used for practice, so that when the player is at-bat during tournament play their own bat will feel lighter and allow them to swing much harder.

 Different Types of Softball Bats

Nearly every type of amateur softball league will allow their players to use a variety of bats including those manufactured out of aluminum, metal mixtures and even composites. A quality composite bat can offer an advantage to a player of any skill level. The composite bats are often lighter as a way to increase the speed of the swing. By having a faster swing speed, there is usually more of a “pop off” motion to the bat that provides greater distance when hitting a ball.

Many men’s softball league hitters can pop the ball 70 miles an hour or faster. The impact of the bat on the ball expends a significant amount of force and mother nature can influence bat selection. Bats fabricated out of nearly any type of material, even wood, can be subject to weather conditions. Composite bats seem to work better in the summer, than in cold weather. Aluminum bats tend to dent when the weather is cold.

Only by spending time swinging with a variety of different bats can the player come to know exactly which are the ideal softballs bat for him or her.  It always seems to come down to personal choice, which is why Cheapbats.com offers  many ideal softball bats for all different types of players.

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