Miken – Softball Bats

Miken – Softball Bats

Miken Softball BatsMiken Softball Bats has been a pioneer within the industry for years.  Miken Softball Bats are hot out of the wrapper and perform up to the expectations that the elites in the softball world have.  There are numerous lines of bats that the professional softball player endorses due to the quality of the bats.  People that use a Miken product know inherently that they are getting top quality for their money.


The Triad is the latest and greatest new Miken Softball Bat to come off the line.  This is a two piece 100% composite bat that has been engineered for power hitters that desire a very distinct end load or top heavy feeling in the bat.  The Milken Triad has been able to bring both durability and an extremely effective sweet spot for the consumer.  This particular bat is the perfect product for a player looking for an end load.  If someone is more inclined to the feel of balanced bats this is by no means the product for you.

Ultra II

This bat is one of the most effective softball bats on the market.  Due to this reason it is not legal for use in USSSA or ASA

events.  This bat is incredibly powerful and are only legal mostly in senior leagues and events with no national affiliations.  The Milken Ultra II is a 100% composite bat that uses some of the most effective composite materials used in the bat industry.  It has been able to engineer a large sweet spot coupled with a thin handle giving the batter a high level of control over the bat.  This is an extremely powerful bat that is approved in SSUSA events and illegal in most other events.

Miken Freak

This is the tried and true Miken Softball Bat that has been produced year after year meeting and exceeding the expectations of players with each new model.  At its core it is a basic one piece 100% composite bat that performs day after day.  This is the workhorse of Miken that garners most of the popularity.  The Milken Freak multi wall bat has been manufactured to produce power for the power hitter looking for it without making it undesirable for the player hitting for an average.  It is a great bat that both types of hitters will enjoy using.

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