Rip-It Slowpitch Bats Compared to Easton

Rip-It Slowpitch Bats Compared to Easton

In the past several years, Easton has become one of the leading providers in aluminum slow pitch softball bats. The company puts out new models of their popular bats each year including the Raw and others. In many local parks and recreation leagues, these are the most common bats you will see on the bench. In the past year or so, Rip-It has started to take more market share by offering a 400 day unlimited return policy if you didn’t like the performance of their models.

So how do Rip-It bats compare to Easton?

The most popular Rip-It softball bat is the Prototype. Just like all the Rip-It bats like the Air, this model comes with a 400 day unlimited warranty, allowing you to get the most out of your bat for more than a year without worry. With Easton, you get a single year from the date of purchase to get a warranty bat and once you get a replacement, their relationship with you is done. That is one aspect that sets Rip-It apart from the competition.

In comparison, the Easton Raw Power L4.0 is a bat that is popular and allowed to be used in ASA leagues. Part of the Brett Helmer collection, the SP13L4 is a bat that is made of one piece composite and much like its counterpart, is hot out of the wrapper. It is end loaded, allowing you to get the most power out of your swing when you get every inch of the ball. It has a lighter carbon fiber handle that allowed Easton to put more weight in the barrel.

In the end, the decision of whether to go with Rip-It, Demarini, Easton, or Miken will come down to personal preference. Some people like the feel of certain softball bats better than others and it will take more than a warranty to change their minds. Both are quality products and each have their advantages and drawbacks depending on the player.

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