Mike Trout Wood Baseball Bats

Mike Trout Wood Baseball Bats

Mike Trout Wood Baseball BatsMike Trout’s wood baseball bats are made by  “Old Hickory Bat Company“, a smaller wood bat manufacture that produces high quality wood baseball bats, for professionals, and amateurs. Their strict standards for wood baseball bats only allow for the finest maple and ash billets to be turned into wood bats. The Mike Trout wood bat model is the MT27.  This hand selected, and hand finished product, comes with the same high quality guarantee that every Old Hickory Bat receives.

With many high level players giving such positive feedback on this model, and many others, Old Hickory seems to be developing a reputation as an up and coming wood bat company that knows what it takes to make a bat better than the rest.

Mike Trout uses a 33.5 inch bat, with a 2 ounce drop. Its made from Northern White Ash, a popular and durable wood used to make good quality baseball bats. It has a 2 1/2 inch diameter barrel.  They used a 29/32 handle, and the bat is pro cupped on the end. Many athletes comment on how well balanced the MT27 is. 

You can purchase your very own, Old Hickory Mike Trout MT27 Wood Baseball Bat from Cheapbats.com, available in a 32″ 33″ and 34″ lengths. Be sure and watch the video about the Mike Trout wood baseball bats at the end of this blog.

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