DeMarini CF5 BBCOR Baseball Bat Review

DeMarini CF5 BBCOR Baseball Bat Review

DeMarini CF5 BBCOR from Cheapbats.comOne of the most popular BBCOR bats of 2014 is going to be the DeMarini CF5. This bat originally sold for close to $400 and considering how well it worked and how critically acclaimed it was, that figure was a discount. With vendors looking to add more stock to their shelves and warehouses, these bats are being offered with a healthy discount. At, this DeMarini CF5 is selling for $244.95 and could be the perfect bat for your high school-aged son to use next season.


For starters, being able to get this amazing bat at a closeout price is the first positive of this bat. DeMarini put a lot of work into changing their bats each year, but when you look at what the CF5 can do, you will want to stock up for this season and maybe even the next.

Re-designed Bat

Many people that used the model before the CF5 may or may not have liked the feel of the bat, but one thing DeMarini did before releasing it was completely change their entire system. DeMarini uses the slogan of Chaotic Design, Chaotic Speed and Chaotic Power for the CF5. This chaos system allows its swinger the chance to get the most power behind their swing than any other bat on the market. With DeMarini’s TR3 F.L.O. composite material, you are getting a bat made out some of the lightest composite material in the business. Despite being made with lighter material, the CF5 does not lose out on its strength and durability. In fact, this change in material has made it easier to swing as it is distributed throughout the bat, instead of being end loaded.


There are those that just swing what is available to them, so when the time comes that they need to purchase their own bat, they might not know what to get. DeMarini is a company that is known for putting out great bats for baseball and softball and with the CF5 BBCOR baseball bat, has one of the best bats of the year.

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