Comparing Softball Bats: 2014 Z3000 & NEW 2016 Z4000

Comparing Softball Bats: 2014 Z3000 & NEW 2016 Z4000

What are the differences between the Z3000 & Z4000 Slowpitch Softball Bats from Louisville Slugger?

We have been getting that question a lot lately, so I’m going to break it down for you. The 2016 Z4000 is basically the newer, updated model of the 2014 Z3000. Let’s start with the similarities…

2016 Z4000 Softball Bat - ASA End Loaded Edition
2016 Z4000 Softball Bat – ASA End Loaded Edition

They are both 3-piece bats, constructed with a 100% Composite design. The 3-pieces are put together using Louisville Slugger’s TRU3 piece, which connects the barrel to the top and the handle to the bottom without them touching. So, without the barrel touching the handle, the contact energy is not going to be able to reach the handle and cause that unwanted vibration/sting that you would normally feel in your hands with 1 or 2-piece bats. Also, the TRU3 piece is going to take that contact energy and redirect it back to the barrel. This redirection of energy will cause a trampoline effect at the point of impact on the sweet spot that will increase the distances of your hits and allow the softball to travel at a faster speed. These bats also have 12″ Barrel Lengths, 2 1/4″ Barrel Diameters & come with a One Year Warranty.

Now, let’s go over the differences . . .

2014 Z3000 Slowpitch Softball Bat - ASA End Loaded Edition
2014 Z3000 Slowpitch Softball Bat – ASA End Loaded Edition

Editions – The Z3000 is available in ASA/Balanced, ASA/End Loaded, USSSA/Balanced & USSSA/End Loaded editions. The Z4000 comes in Dual Stamp/Balanced, Dual Stamp/End Loaded, USSSA/Balanced & USSSA/End Loaded editions. So, as you can see, the Z3000 does NOT have a Dual Stamp model, coming with ASA or USSSA only editions in both balanced & end loaded models to choose from. The Z4000 DOES have the Dual Stamp edition (which takes the place of the ASA only edition), while still having the USSSA only edition as well. Both the Dual Stamp and USSSA Z4000 bats have balanced and end loaded models to choose from. This is a benefit with the Z4000’s because it gives you more flexibility with the Dual Stamp bats, but if you want a USSSA only bat that DOES NOT HAVE the S1iD discs inside the barrel then you can still get those as well.

7/8″ Handle – Both the Z3000 & Z4000 slowpitch bats have 7/8″ handles, but the Z4000 handles come tapered. Tapered handles are usually seen in BBCOR baseball bats, but Louisville Slugger features them on these Z4000 softball bats. It’s a preference thing, but most people like the tapered feel on the bottom hand as it seems to give you more bat control.

Barrel Finish – The Z3000 bats have just a regular smooth finish along the barrel (as most composite bats do), but Louisville Slugger features the Grit Blast Finish on the barrels of the Z4000 series. The Grit Blast has a rough sandpaper-like feel that is supposed to create more backspin on the softball at the point of impact. This backspin increases the distances of your hits, which could be the difference between a deep fly-out & a clutch home run.

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