Anderson Fastpitch Softball Bats a Closer Look

Anderson Fastpitch Softball Bats a Closer Look

Anderson Baseball Bats by CheapbatsAnderson Fast Pitch Softball Bats are made by one of the most underappreciated slow pitch and fast pitch softball bat manufacturers in the world. Many slow pitch players that have used the Rocketech and Pyrotech know exactly what these bats can do. The thing about Anderson bats is they are made to withstand a lot of different swings and don’t bend or crack as easily as other more popular brands.

If you are a fast pitch softball player, how do the Anderson bats compare?

Anderson Techzilla FP

Instead of being end loaded like a lot of popular men’s slow pitch softball bats, the Anderson Techzilla bat is barrel-weighted which means it is considered a balanced weight and easier to swing. The bat features a TrueFlex end cap, a weldless knob to ensure your hand stays healthy while swinging and is an all metal multi wall bat.

Anderson NanoTek FP

This bat is one of the most popular Anderson models for fast pitch players. Eligible for use in ASA, USSA, ISA and NSA leagues, the Anderson NanoTek is made with a composite handle and a small coating across the whole bat of material exclusive to Anderson that allows it to flex as if it was made of composite. Coming from a bat made of single wall alloy, that is a major feat. The bat also features an injury preventive ergonomically correct knob to make every swing safer.

Anderson Flexzilla FP

The Anderson Flexzilla is available for those looking for bats with a -11 weight. They come in sizes from 31 inches to 34 inches long and are made with a FlexLink design. They are made with an interior multi wall design and composite handle. The bat has a one year warranty and will allow you to get extra pop when being used. The bat is eligible for use in NSA, USSA, ASA and ISA sanctioned leagues and when used in coed softball, will easily help you beat the male outfielders cheating the coed line.

These bats do have several similarities, but the one important similarity is something that is the staple in the Anderson Bat Company line.  These models all feature thin handles that some people love and some hate and while they may take getting used to, they are worth it.

For more information about our full line of Anderson bats see the Cheapbats website.


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