The New 2015 Louisville Slugger X12 Fastpitch Softball Bat -12oz FPXL152

The New 2015 Louisville Slugger X12 Fastpitch Softball Bat -12oz FPXL152

2015 Louisville Slugger x12-fastpitch-bat-FPXL152The 2015 Louisville Slugger X12 is going to be a  new 12 ounce fastpitch softball bat. This light weight fastpitch bat will be ideal for the athlete who is a line drive, or slap hitter. The 2015 Louisville Slugger X12 has a terrific balanced feel and is made from 100% Pure 360 Composite material. The Pure 360 is made up of advanced LS-2X aerospace grade composite fibers, thinner than other composite fibers that have been used in times past.

This high end LS-2X carbon fiber material allows for the thinnest composite walls possible without sacrificing any of the classic rugged durability that Louisville Slugger loves to offer. Because Louisville used the LS-2X Pure 360 composite design, you can feel confident, that this two-piece bat, will not only drive the ball hard and far, to any part of the field you hit it to, but it’ll feel great in the process of doing so.

The two piece Louisville Slugger construction gives any fastpitch player an advantage over the competition. Not only will you notice a drastic reduction in vibration, but you will also be gaining the benefits of having more whip, with precise flex engineering to give you the greatest amount of pop, and trampoline effect possible. Louisville Slugger has always been a fastpitch industry leader, and their looking to bring more to every player. If you want an all composite fastpitch bat, that performs with the same kind of determination, and drive, that you do, consider the Louisville Slugger X12 as a great option in an already stacked fastpitch softball bat line up.

You can purchase your new 2015 -12 Louisville Slugger FPXL152 X12 Fastpitch Softball Bat from and any of their other great fastpitch softball bats.


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