DeMarini CF5 Youth Limited Edition Baseball Bat Review

DeMarini CF5 Youth Limited Edition Baseball Bat Review

DeMarini CF5 Youth Limited EditionLast week, we looked at the DeMarini CF5 for adult players. This week we will look at the youth version.

There aren’t many bats better for young players than the 2014 DeMarini CF5 Youth Limited Edition. The one thing DeMarini always does with their bats is put as much effort into developing and constructing their BBCOR bats as they do slowpitch and fastpitch softball bats, as well as their youth baseball bats. This means that despite your age or sport, DeMarini’s bats turn into the perfect tool to get the most of it at the plate.

The DeMarini CF5 Youth Limited Edition baseball bat was constructed with their latest composite technology, the TR3 F.L.O. This material is one of the lightest in the industry and has made its bat one of the easiest to swing for any youth using it. The formation the company used to form this bat makes it stronger than other models, still maintaining its durability. With the bat being stronger, it allows for a more balanced and quicker swing. With an 11oz. weight drop, this bat has the ideal size and weight for most youth baseball players.

DeMarini put a lot of time and effort in the off-season into redesigning this bat. Their effort turned their previous solid bat into something that is considered elite. The aluminum double wall barrel has a massive sweet spot that will make it easier for your kid to hit rockets when he makes solid contact and still get a little extra pop on the ball when they don’t hit the ball on the screws. The double wall bat features two walls of composite material that are woven together using DeMarini’s Flex Flim. This process creates a springboard effect when the ball bounces off it great.

The DeMarini CF5 Youth Limited Edition was also constructed with an internal end cap which helps to maintain the stiffness of the bat through the swing. The proper energy that should be relayed through the bat to the ball is kept and allows for better contact. With an internal end cap, the ball is more likely to explode off the bat than it does with the traditional end cap.

The DeMarini CF5 Youth Limited Edition bat is one of the hottest on the market right now and for $159.95, is affordable for everyone. And we will ship it for free!

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