Youth Baseball Bat Giving Guide – Easton Hits it out of the Park

Youth Baseball Bat Giving Guide – Easton Hits it out of the Park

Easton XL1 Youth Baseball BatThe holiday season is filled with many great feelings that develop from being with friends and family. One aspect of the season that could be stressful for some is the gift-giving. For parents looking to get their children gifts for the holiday season, there are many gift ideas that can make the process simpler. If your child is into playing youth baseball, then an easy solution would be to get them gear including fielding gloves, batting gloves and youth baseball bats.

What are two of the best youth bats available today for this holiday gift-gifting season?

2014 Easton XL1 Youth Baseball Bat

This is a two-piece bat that has a composite barrel and handle. The barrel on this bat was made with Easton’s trademark IMX Composite Monster Barrel, which gives its users a huge sweet spot and increased performance over the course of its life-span. The composite used on the handle is SIC Black Carbon, another common material in an Easton product. These two pieces are put together using ConneXion technology which helps maximize the amount of energy transferred. The XL1 has a yellow and black colors scheme that will stand out on your bench.

2014 Easton MAKO Youth Baseball Bat

Easton Youth Baseball Bat The MAKO is one of the best new bats for the upcoming season. It is made to be the quickest bat to swing through the zone. The bat was constructed using TCT Thermo Composite Technology which increased the length of the barrel, as well as the sweet spot. The new MAKO was redesigned and also features two pieces held together using the ConneXion technology. This bat has an 11 ounce weight drop and is made with a new color scheme of orange and grey.

For those trying to decide between which of these Easton bat’s to purchase, the XL1 has an end-loaded feel that will give you increased power when swinging. It is also an ounce heavier than the MAKO, but if your child can swing the XL1, it might their best option. Both bats have been tested and work great, so either way, your son or daughter will be prepared for their next season.

We will ship via 2-day air for FREE in time for holiday gift giving. Feel free to give us a call if you are not sure which bat is right for your little slugger!

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