Slowpitch Softball Bat Gift Giving Guide

Slowpitch Softball Bat Gift Giving Guide

How do you choose the right slowpitch softball bat for the athletes on your list this holiday?

Slowpitch Baseball Bat Gift GuideFor a die-hard slowpitch softball player, there is nothing they would want more as a gift for their birthday, anniversary, Christmas or any other occasion than softball gear. Whether it is a new fielding glove, rolling bag or slowpitch softball bat, they will be filled with smiles when they get their new gear.

If you are looking to get a new slowpitch softball bat as a gift for someone this holiday season, what are some of the best bats you can get them?

2013 Easton XL2 Power Brigade

Easton XL2 Power Brigade Slowpitch Softball BatThis was one of the most popular Easton products on the market for 2013 and would make for a great gift this holiday season. It’s available at an end-of-season discounted price and was made with only the best composite material available to Easton. This slowpitch softball bat is eligible for use in several different leagues and associations and was constructed with a two-piece design patented to the company to maximize the amount of energy being pushed through the softball.

2014 Louisville Slugger z20002014-louisville-slugger-z2000-slowpitch-softball-bat

One of the newest slowpitch softball bat models in the 2014 line of Louisville Slugger bats is the z2000. This bat is made for use in either ASA or USSSA leagues and features an S1iD inner disc technology that is made to allow the barrel of the bat to flex with the swing, giving the ultimate trampoline effect on the ball.

Easton Raw Power B3.0

Easton B3 slowpitch softball batThis is another Easton slowpitch softball bat that was one of the best for thousands of softball players around the country this past season. The bat has an evenly balanced feel which provides users with superior bat control. It was made with SIC black carbon fiber handle that negates a lot of the vibration you would normally have when making contact. At almost half off, the Easton Raw Power B3.0 is an outstanding buy!

Easton Raw Power L6.0

EASTON RAW POWER L6.0This slowpitch softball bat is composite and is approved for use in ASA and ISF sanctioned leagues and is made with a single piece design. It has an IMX composite handle and barrel and is end loaded. For those used to swinging a 30 oz. bat, this bat with a 28 oz. weight would provide you the same feel and increased power. The Easton Raw Power L6.0 is another great deal!

At we like to offer a personal touch when selecting the right bat so give us a call whether you are choosing a slowpitch softball bat for yourself or to give as a gift. We are glad to help and happy holidays!

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