Louisville Slugger Slowpitch Bats: Z2000 VS. Z3000

Louisville Slugger Slowpitch Bats: Z2000 VS. Z3000

Louisville Slugger slowpitch softball bats have four 2014 Z2000 this year, and four 2014 Z3000 models. The Z2000’s are 100% composite bats with a two-piece design. Louisville Slugger offers The Z2000 in a balanced version for ASA, or USSSA, as well as a end loaded model for ASA, & USSSA.

Louisville Slugger - 2014 Z-2000 from Cheapbats.com

The composite that Louisville used to make The 2014 Z2000 Louisville Slugger Slowpitch Bats is The Pure 360 Composite that is in both the handle and barrel of the bat. To make sure that these slow pitch bats didn’t break the rules but don’t deprive you of any performance Louisville put in it’s S1 iD inner disc. The 2014 Louisville Slugger Z2000 Slow Pitch bats all have 12 inch barrels with above average sweet spots, and use the iST Technology for a solid connection between the handle and the barrel.

All four Louisville Slugger Softpitch Bats in the Z2000 line have a 12 month warranty and are supper hot out of the wrapper. If you have any more questions on the Z-2000 line ask our experts at Cheapbats.com.

Louisville Slugger - 2014 Z-3000 from Cheapbats.com

The 2014 Louisville Slugger Slowpitch Bats z3000 lines have the same Pure 360 Composite in the handle, and their 12″ barrels, and both are offered in an ASA, and USSA approved Balanced slowpitch bat, along with an endloaded softball bat for both associations as well.

Again, using the S1 iD Disk in the Z-3000 barrel to allow maximum performance from the first play but still stay within league rules.  The difference between the two models really comes down to the TRU3 Technology connecting the barrel to the handle. This unique solid socket interface strengthens the bond between barrel and handle increasing its performance while drastically reducing vibration and discomfort to the hands. Louisville Slugger has made the best ASA and USSSA it could for 2014, and continues to be a serious contender for serious slow pitch players.

Purchase the Louisville Slugger Slowpitch Bats Z2000 and Z3000 or any other  of the hottest 2014 slow pitch softball bats  from Cheapbats.com with free shipping!

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