Easton Baseball Bats Reviews

Easton Baseball Bats Reviews

Easton Baseball Bats Reviews

Easton Baseball BatsThe Easton name is known as an elite brand when it comes to baseball and softball bats. On a consistent basis, the company produces popular bats with new designs and features including the Easton Stealth and Easton Raw. Each year, these bats are getting better and are making it easier for athletes to put up great numbers on a regular basis. What are some of the most popular Easton bats available today?

Easton Baseball Bat Review:  2013 Power Brigade FS2

This is one of the top bats available for those taking part in fastpitch softball. The 2013 Easton Power Brigade is built to get you the most out of your swings. It has an IMX composite barrel that features a massive sweet spot, allowing you to get the most from your swing, even when you don’t make full contact. It has an ultra-thin 29/32″ black carbon handle that is meant to allow even the smallest of hands to get a great grip.

Easton Baseball Bat Review: Raw Power L9.0

This is another great bat put out by Easton for 2013 and this one is meant for use in slowpitch softball leagues. It is end loaded, which many slowpitch softball players prefer, as they can swing a lighter bat than usual, allowing them to get faster hand speed, but still giving them the extra power that comes with some heavier bats. The Raw Power L9.0 is a single piece aluminum bat, which makes it legal for most basic parks and recreation leagues around the country.

Easton Baseball Bat Review: 2013 Mystique

Another fastpitch bat for the girl athlete in your family, the Easton Mystique is a solid bat for use in ASA leagues. The bat was made with 7050 aircraft alloy, giving those who purchase the bat a durable option that will still produce at swing 100 as well as it did for swing one. It comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty, protecting you in the rare case that it will dent or crack during that time.

To find out about other Easton bats including the Easton Stealth and Easton Power Brigade visit Cheap Bats for more information.

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