Selecting the Right Baseball Bats for Kids – 4 Tips

Selecting the Right Baseball Bats for Kids – 4 Tips

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If your kids are getting ready to take on the world of t-ball , youth league baseball or softball, there are several pieces of equipment you need to get them started. You will need all the basics of course. A helmet, cleats, maybe a mouth guard, batting gloves, fielding gloves…and the most important – baseball bats.  The following baseball bats for kids tips may help you make the right choice.

These tips can make your child a better hitter, give them confidence, help perfect their swing and make the game more fun! There are many bats available for youth players, but what should you look for when trying to select the best bat for your kids

1. The right weight bat can make all the difference

One of the most important aspects in purchasing a baseball bat for your child is the weight of the bat compared to your child’s size. For example, if your child is small for their age and you get them the size bat all the other kids their age are using, they may struggle with their swing. If they struggle to swing the likelihood of hitting the ball or having any power is greatly diminished. If they get discouraged, they may decide that baseball in not fun and want to stop playing. On the other hand, if your child is big for their age, they can probably hit with the same bat other kids are using but not get the pop they would with a properly weighted bat. Tip: Ask your child’s coach if there are practice bats your child can try or go to a alternately try a sporting goods store. Have them swing a few different weights. Use your judgment and their feedback as to which bats they are most comfortable with.

2. Proper bat length is important

The length of the bat goes hand in hand with the weight of the bat. The longer the bat is, the more it will weigh. There are different reasons to use or not to use a longer bat, depending on your child’s size and their ability to time their swing. If your child can use a longer bat, they will be able to hit the ball on the outside part of the plate. Tip: Notice if they struggling to swing. It could be because of the length. Have them stand a little closer to the plate and try a smaller bat. Most important however is safety. Too close and they are more likely to get hit by the pitch. That’s the best reason to find the right combination of length and weight for your kids.

3. Diameter of barrel is likely to be regulated

Under the age of 12, your child is most likely only allowed to use a 2 ¼” barrel. It isn’t until they begin playing travel baseball or in high school and college that they will switch to a barrel that is anywhere from 2 5/8″ to 2 ¾” thick. Tip: Be sure you know the regulations for your child’s bats.

4. Know the requirements set forth by your league

A lot of leagues around the country use the same rules for most parts of the game, but often change them up in terms of bats and balls. This could be for insurance reasons or overall preference of league officials. Tip: Be sure to check the requirements set by your league before buying a bat – officials can help.

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