Baseball Bat Review: Rip It 2013 Prototype Air BBCOR

2013 Rip It Protottype Air BBCOR Baseball Bat
2013 Rip It Prototype Air BBCOR Baseball Bat
2013 Rip It Prototype Air BBCOR Baseball Bat

Rip It’s best 2013 BBCOR bat is the Rip It Prototype Air. Last year’s best BBCOR was their prototype 2, a phenomenal bat with lots of pop.  In its short time on the market, Rip It has already shown that they are always pushing the performance envelope.

This year Rip It introduces the new “Rip It Air”.  The all-black bat with red lettering and gray accents is a tough looking bat that is ready to do some hard work. When I picked up this bat I was immediately impressed with the feel. Rip It took four ounces out of the end of the bat and redistributed it throughout the bat.  Channeled out grooves within the barrel allow for a thinner wall in the business end of this new BBCOR.

The pop of the Rip It Air was as advertised. I have swung all the major brands of BBCOR bats, and I can assure you there is as much pop in the Rip It Air as there is in anything else on the market. Several things distinguish the Rip It Air from its competition. I noticed the pop all over the bat.  You could get a rather big ego in a batting cage if left in there too long. The ball just jumps off this baseball bat. It doesn’t matter if you hit it too near the end of the bat or too close to your hands. If you squared up the ball at all, you just gave the defense a first class challenge.

This extremely hot bat is well-balanced in your hands when you’re hitting. The balance in the bat allowed for control through the swing zone, giving me confidence to wait until the last instant before driving the Rip It BBCOR through the ball.

I really enjoyed what this Rip It BBCOR bat had brought to the table. Not only did the feel and pop perform well on the Rip It BBCOR, but the grip truly did absorb the shock! I was amazed at how little vibration there was in this single piece alloy bat.

A single piece alloy bat with little to no vibration on poorly hit balls was a new and pleasant experience for me. Rip It’s new 2013 BBCOR has all the features you would expect to find on one of the best BBCOR bats for 2013.

Rip It focuses on what counts. The performance of their baseball bats!

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