2015 RIP-IT Senior Air Youth Big Barrel Bat Review

2015 RIP-IT Senior Air Youth Big Barrel Bat Review

RIP-IT is back at it again in 2015 with a brand new lineup of youth big barrel baseball bats. They are known for making high quality products, and their commitment to the players that use their bats is second to none. Here we’ll go over what you can expect from the selection of 2015 RIP-IT youth big barrel bats.2015-Rip-It-Air-Senior-B1510-Main

When you do something right the first time, there generally aren’t many reasons to stir the pot. RIP-IT has kept it simple and created one model bat that is available in a few different options depending on the type of player you are and the type of bat you’re looking for. Minor improvements have been made, but the consistency in quality and performance remains the same.

2015-Rip-It-Senior-Air-5-B1505-2The 2015 RIP-IT Senior Air Youth Big Barrel is a one-piece aluminum bat. Constructed out of their high strength R3 Alloy, this RIP-IT senior league bat will have a stiff and responsive feel similar to that of a more traditional metal bat. The weight of the RIP-IT Senior Air is evenly distributed and allows for ultimate swing speed and bat control at the plate.

A cushioned contact grip has been wrapped around these bats to provide more comfort and reduce the amount of vibration that is fed back to the hands when you don’t quite make the contact you were hoping for. Confidence is also sure to rise every time a ball is well struck and the sweet “ping” sound echoes through the park.2015-Rip-It-Senior-Air-8-B1508-2

RIP-IT will be offering their 2015 Senior Air youth big barrel bat in four different options. You’ve got the -5,  -8 and -10 with a 2 ⅝” barrel diameter, and you’ve also got a -10 model with a 2 ¾” monster barrel. For the power hitter who can whip the extra weight through the zone, the -8 will be your ticket to the top of all offensive categories. Need something a little lighter for that little player with big heart? Whether you go with the standard 2 ⅝” barrel or the bigger 2 ¾” barrel, the -10 RIP-IT Senior Air youth big barrel has got you covered!

It’s obvious RIP-IT has taken their time and made a youth big barrel bat they can stand behind, but their main concern isn’t so much in whether or not they love their product; their focus is on providing the customer with a great experience and 100% confidence in their purchase. That’s why RIP-IT not only offers a 400 day warranty with unlimited replacements for bats that stop performing to their full potential, they proudly extend their “Love it or return it” policy to all products that they carry. Their motto is “simply buy, try and decide.” If you love it, keep it. If you don’t, send it right on back!2015-Rip-It-Air-Senior-BB-B1510B-Main

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