2015 RIP-IT Air Youth Baseball Bat Review

2015 RIP-IT Air Youth Baseball Bat Review

Contrary to popular opinion, one is not the loneliest number. This holds especially true in regards to the 2015 RIP-IT Air youth baseball bat. RIP-IT has taken out all the guesswork and allowed the Youth AIR to shine brightly as their one and only offering for the 2015 youth baseball bat lineup.2015-Rip-It-Air-Youth-B1512-Main

2015 RIP-IT AIR Youth Baseball Bat -12 B1512

The 2015 RIP-IT Youth AIR is built with speed and contact in mind. Using their extremely strong R3 Alloy, RIP-IT has created a youth baseball bat that is impeccably balanced and built to last. With a length to weight ratio of -12, the Youth AIR is easily controlled and can be effortlessly swung through the hitting zone at an impressive rate of speed. For the younger player still adjusting to growth spurts, the 2015 RIP-IT Youth AIR will leave them confident in their ability to adjust to the velocity of even the hardest throwing pitchers in the league. To add to the overall comfort and feel, RIP-IT includes their contact grip to lessen vibration at the point of contact.


  • 1-piece R3 alloy design
  • Barrel diameter of 2 ¼”
  • Drop 12 length to weight ratio
  • Little League approved

To alleviate any buyers remorse or doubt in their product, RIP-IT also has a couple very user friendly policies in place. The first is their 30 day “Love it or return it” policy. Go ahead and buy the bat, try it out as much as you’d like within the allotted 30 days post purchase, and if you’re not completely in love with it you can send it back to them for a full refund. If you do decide to keep the bat, you can rest assuredly thanks to their 400-day warranty. This extended warranty comes equipped with unlimited replacements and complimentary shipping each way for U.S. customers.2015-Rip-It-Youth-Air-12-B1512-2

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