2015 Easton FS3 Fastpitch Softball Bat

2015 Easton FS3 Fastpitch Softball Bat

2015 easton fs3 fastpitch softvall batOnce again part of Easton’s Fastpitch Power Brigade is the FS3! After turning in a successful 2014 campaign, Easton has decided to upgrade this bat from a 1-piece bat to a 2-piece! This really changes the entire dynamic of excellence while still keeping the sturdy, solid feel to it. This may now be the best bang-for-your-buck bat on the market!

The 2-piece comes where the handle and the barrel connect, using Easton’s new ZERO ConneXion Technology! This innovative feature completely eliminates vibration and sting 2015-Easton-Fastpitch-FS3-handleto the hands while still transferring energy exactly as it should for top notch performance. Easton constructed this bat with 100% fully composite material, along with the IMX Advanced Composite Technology to optimize the sweet spot for maximum performance. This 2015 Easton FS3 is also made with an evenly distributed weighting and a drop -12 length to weight ratio. Combine those two and you get a smooth, easy to control swing with increased bat speed while going through the hitting zone. This allows the batter to get ahead of the ball and drive it to the wall!

Some other features of the 2015 Easton FS3 include an ultra-thin 29/32” handle and performance diamond grip to go along with the 1.20 BPF USSSA thumbprint and ASA approval stamps inked right on the handle. This FS3 is also approved by NSA, ISA, ISF AND SSUSA while being available in 28”/16oz, 29”/17oz, 30”/18oz, 31”/19oz, 32”/20oz, 33”/21oz and 34”/22oz sizes. This gives everyone a lot of options to pick the perfect bat for their needs.

You can get your 2015 Easton FS3 Fastpitch Softball Bat with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty and no hassle returns at CheapBats.com. “Batisfaction”, guaranteed!

If you aren’t sure which bat length and/or weight is best for your needs, check out our guide. Have a question? Contact us at 1 (800) 589-HITS or shoot us an e-mail anytime!

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