2015 DeMarini CF7 Fastpitch Softball Bats

2015 DeMarini CF7 Fastpitch Softball Bats

Nothing is being held back with the launch of the highly anticipated lineup of 2015 DeMarini CF7 fastpitch softball bats. Their revolutionary D-Fusion technology has spread to all CF7 models, creating three-piece softball bats that are in a league of their own!

Each CF7 barrel is constructed from DeMarini’s Paradox Composite material. This innovative, composite laying technology helps to lengthen the barrel’s sweet spot, and creates a softness in the barrel that actually provides improved explosiveness. With additional responsiveness and a more rigid stiffness in the D-Fusion handle, the Thermo-Fused taper will drastically reduce vibration on impact and rechannel the energy back to where it counts, the barrel. To top it off (literally), DeMarini inserts their rigid Clutch End Cap to produce the same effect as the handle; less vibration and energy relocation to the barrel.

We can’t guarantee you won’t miss the ball with a 2015 DeMarini CF7 in your hands, but we can guarantee you’ll experience a lot less mishits. Explosive right out of the wrapper, these DeMarini fastpitch bats combine groundbreaking science with proven durability and performance. The DeMarini CF7 is available in six models: -8, -9, -10, -10 Insane, -10 Hope and -11. Whether you swing for average or for the fences, the 2015 CF7 lineup has a softball bat for you!

2015 DeMarini CF7 -8 Fastpitch Softball Bat

This is the heavy hitter of the 2015 lineup. The -8 and -9 CF7 provide the smallest length-to-weight differential available, creating a bat with the capability to allow a hitter to produce a whole lot of torque behind every swing. Although this softball bat is heavier than the other models, it is well-balanced, and when brought mightily through the zone will deliver a crushing blow to the ball and the opposing pitcher’s ego.

  • Three-piece fully composite design
  • Paradox Composite barrel
  • DeMarini’s D-Fusion handle
  • Vibration reducing Thermo-Fused taper
  • Available  -8 oz. and -9 oz. weight drops
  • Full Year Warranty

2015 DeMarini CF7 -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat

For the player that is looking for a softball bat that is not too heavy or too light, the 2015 -10 CF7 will meet you right there in the middle. This DeMarini softball bat comes equipped with an imposing sweet spot on its Paradox Composite barrel. The D-Fusion technology utilized in the handle will take the sting away from your hands and transmit any wasted energy back to the barrel. Quality, durability and performance at it’s finest.

  • Barrel constructed of Paradox Composite material
  • D-Fusion handle made with carbon reinforced Paradox Composite and a Thermo-Fused taper
  • Power-producing Clutch End Cap
  • Major softball association approval, including ASA and USSSA
  • One year warranty

2015 DeMarini CF7 -10 Insane Fastpitch Softball Bat

The name says it all! DeMarini’s 2015 CF7 Insane is built to produce performance on the field that will have the other team’s defense going crazy. There is a slight end load in this -10 model, allowing you to really get all of your weight behind the ball and launch rockets to every part of the field. With the DeMarini Insane fastpitch bat, you can let loose, get out of your head and go batty!

  • Paradox Composite laying technology in the barrel
  • Carbon reinforced D-Fusion handle
  • Thermo-Fused technology in the taper
  • Energy redirecting Clutch End Cap
  • End-loaded swing weight
  • Approved by ASA, USSSA and all major softball associations
  • DeMarini’s one year warranty

2015 DeMarini CF7 -10 Hope Fastpitch Softball Bat

DeMarini is committed to not only producing a great product, but also applying that passion and dedication to causes that produce a better world. With each 2015 CF7 Hope sold, proceeds are donated to The Breast Cancer Researh Foundation. This fastpitch softball bat still has the same game-changing technology used in the standard -10 CF7, so you can rest assured that although the look is different, the results will stay the same. The DeMarini Hope is the perfect combination for the player who is all about purpose and performance.

  • Limited Edition!
  • Hot D-Fusion technology
  • Paradox Composite barrel and handle
  • Special graphics indicating support of breast cancer research
  • Has the approval of all major softball associations, including ASA and USSSA
  • One year warranty through DeMarini

2015 DeMarini CF7 -11 Fastpitch Softball Bat

You didn’t think DeMarini was just going to let the older players have all the fun, did you? The -11 CF7 caters to the younger fastpitch player with a serious game. The Paradox Composite barrel has an imposing sweet spot that is joined together with their cutting-edge, D-Fusion handle. This bat may be the lightest out of the CF7 lineup, but the hits you’ll get are sure to make a lot of hearts heavy.

  • Exclusive D-Fusion handle
  • DeMarini’s very own Paradox Composite barrel
  • Rigid Clutch End Cap
  • ASA, USSSA and all major softball associations approved
  • Manufacturer’s 12 month full warranty

If you’d like to know more about the 2015 DeMarini CF7 lineup, or about any of the other fastpitch bats that we carry here at Cheapbats, please reach out to us with your questions.

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