2014 DeMarini Overlord BBCOR Bat Review: The Best Voodoo Yet

2014 DeMarini Overlord BBCOR Bat Review: The Best Voodoo Yet

Baseball Bat Review: 2014 DeMarini Overlord BBCOR

Stiff. Powerful. Solid. The newest bat is the 2014 Voodoo DeMarini Overlord BBCOR Bat.
We swung the high school / college Overlord bat, and we were very impressed. Not only were baseballs getting through the infield faster, but the warning track power hits were getting over the fence.

2014 DeMarini Overlord BBCOR Bat Knob

Really Cool Knob, or RCK knob as Demarini calls it – The knob is smooth and curved in a way to keep your palm from getting irritated when swinging. This actually is really cool when we spent a lot of time in the batting cage taking hacks for extended periods of time.

DeMarini Overlord BBCOR Handle

Composite Handle – They use the Paradox Composite in the handle, which is supposed to make bat stiffer and stronger, while still keeping it light and powerful.

2014 Overlord Voodoo Bat AdultD Fusion Hanlde – the handle piece is new for the 2014 Overlord BBCOR. They claim that this will stop stealing your hands and reduce vibration drastically.

X10 Alloy in the Barrel – this is the same aluminum alloy that they had used in the barrel for several years. DeMarini is able to adjust the wall thickness in different parts of the barrel to help make it stronger where it needs strength and keep it lighter and thin where it more pop and power is needed in the sweet spot.

Hitting The 2014 Voodoo Overlord BBCOR Bat

What We Liked

  • The end load feels good and is not too heavy, which keeps the Overlord easy to swing for high school and college players
  • The D-Fusion piece actually works. We put over 500 swings on the bat in one day and never had sting or vibration
  • Stiffness is also a winner. I am normally not a fan of two piece baseball bats, but the Overlord Voodoo feels solid like a one piece, but was smooth and sting free like a two piece BBCOR.

2014 Voodoo BBCOR

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