-5 BBCOR and -3 USA Bats?

Minus 5 BBCOR AND Minus 3 USA BATS

-5 BBCOR and -3 USA Bats do not exist

Looking for a “drop 5 BBCOR”? or a “minus 3 ounce USA Bat”?

We occasionally have customers ask us for these bats, but they do not exist.

A BBCOR bat is required to be no lighter than a minus 3 ounce length to weight ratio. So a -5 ounce BBCOR bat would be against the rules, and therefore not a BBCOR bat.

The heaviest USA bats are a minus 5 ounce length to weight ratio.

What is length to weight ratio?

Take the length of the bat in inches (we’ll say 30 inches, for example), then subtract the “drop” in ounces displayed on the bat (we’ll say drop 5/minus 5 for this example).

Subtract 5 (the “drop”) from the length of the bat (30″), and that gives you the weight of the bat (25 ounces).

What bat do I need, then?

Most people looking for a “-5 BBCOR” are really just wanting a heavier USSSA approved bat to get their ball player ready for BBCOR bats early. If this is the case, we suggest using a wood bat during training and practice. This will help increase bat speed and strength, and they are generally less expensive.

Need a -3 USA Bat? You’re closest match is going to be a minus 5 USA bat. If you play travel ball, you will want a minus 5 ounce USSSA bat (yes, there is a difference).


2019 DeMarini CF Zen USSSA Big Barrel Bat

The DeMarini CF Zen is currently one of the most popular big barrel bats available for USSSA/Travel Ball baseball.

With an “Insane dedication to performance”, DeMarini is not a company that sits around on previous accomplishments, and the 2019 DeMarini CF Zen is no different! The new 2019 models will launch on April 2nd and April 16th (-5 only).

Options For Every Player

The 2019 CF Zen will come in three different swing weights – The minus 10 is the most popular, followed by a minus 8 and minus 5 ounce length to weight ratios for stronger or older players.

New Paraflex Plus Composite

For 2019, the big barrel CF Zen has a new composite material unlike any used in their USSSA bat lineup. The new Paraflex Plus composite is treated at a specific temperature for the perfect amount of time.  It gives the composite barrel a super consistent and responsive barrel when hitting the baseball.

Unreal Barrel Size

The 2019 CF Zen is simply a beast when it comes to barrel size. Check out these pictures we snapped. It’s really fascinating how much larger the barrel can be on a travel ball bat versus a USA bat for Little League and Pony.

2019 DeMarini CF Zen Side by Side



2019 DeMarini CF ZEN Knob

The exclusive RCK knob is rounded to minimize rubbing and discomfort on the palm during batting practice, mixed with the 3 Fusion handle that kills vibration, the CF Zen is always one of the most easy to swing youth baseball bats made.

2019 DeMarini CF ZEN End Cap

As always, DeMarini baseball bats come with a one year warranty against defects. CheapBats.com also offers their exclusive “Batisfaction Guarantee” and free return shipping on bats and gloves. So you’re never stuck with a bat or glove that isn’t perfect for you!