2018 Worth Slowpitch Softball Bats – Get the details on the new bats

2018 Worth Slowpitch Softball Bats

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It’s new bat season! And the newest bats are the 2018 Worth Slowpitch Bats. Worth has made some MAJOR additions to their ASA softball bat lineup, and you need to know about them!

2018 ASA Worth Softball Bat

After years of offering a four-piece ASA bat to the public, Worth has decided to offer a stiff handle option on their latest ASA bat in 2018. Stiff handles are generally popular with elite players that want instant response and feedback when they hit the softball. Worth used some technology from their USSSA softball bat line up to meet the demands of the serious ASA player. Combine this stiff handle offering with the industries largest sweetspots and massive barrels, and we get some of the best softball bats on the market.

Ryan Harvery Legit XL ASA -13.5″ Barrel Stiff Handle

Ryan Harvery Legit XL ASA -13.5" Barrel Stiff Handle Softball Bat

2018 USSSA Worth Bats

Not much change except graphics and new sponsored players on the 2018 USSSA Worth Slowpitch Bats. Here’s a quick run down on the USSSA bats and their features/differences.

Ryan Harvey Legit XL USSSA – 13.5″ Barrel (Half ounce end load. Traditional flex handle)

Ryan Harvey Legit XL USSSA - 13.5" Barrel Softball Bat


Don Dedonatis Legit Balanced USSSA – 13.5″ Barrel (No end load. Massive, forgiving barrel)

Don Dedonatis Legit Balanced USSSA - 13.5" Barrel


Andy Purcell Legit XXL USSSA – 13.5″ Barrel (Full one ounce end load. Traditional flex handle)

Andy Purcell Legit XXL USSSA - 13.5" Barrel Softball Bat


Josh Branch Legit XL USSSA – 12.5″ Barrel (Half ounce end load. Short, 12.5″ barrel is easy to control)

Josh Branch Legit XL USSSA - 12.5" Barrel Softball Bat

2016 DeMarini Slowpitch Softball Bats

Twelve bats to rule them all… The 2016 DeMarini Slowpitch Softball Bat lineup may be the best ever. To compliment the legendary composite used in Demarini slowpitch bat barrels, a new aluminum/zinc alloy has been created by DeMarini for the 2016 Slowpitch Softball bat line to take away excess handle flex, add stiffness, and decrease potential vibration. Here is a brief review of the 2016 DeMarini slowpitch bat features.

2016 Flipper Aftermath 1.20 (USSSA, NSA, ISA)


Comes with a 13 inch barrel with an extended sweet spot built into the composite barrel. The handle is a mix of ZnX (aluminum and zinc), heat treated for stiffness and less vibration.

2016 Flipper Aftermath USA (ASA)


12 Inch composite barrel built for one purpose… Smacking 52/300 softballs out of the park. Divergence barrel gives a larger sweet spot. ZnX zinc and aluminium alloy handle for stiffness, and reduced vibration.

2016 Flipper OG (ASA)


13 Inch composite barrel. ZnX aluminum/zinc alloy handle. Built to hit the 52/300 ASA softball, this is the same bat as the ASA Flipper Aftermath, but with a 1 inch longer barrel.

2016 Stadium (USSSA, NSA, ISA)


12 Inch composite barrel, new ZnX alloy handle for stiffness and vibration reduction. End loaded feel built with power hitters in mind. Used by softball pro, Chris Larsen.

2016 Juggy OG (ASA)


Same bat, new name and paint. Triple wall, 12 inch composite barrel. Composite handle directs energy back into the ball. Slight end loaded design for power hitters and line drive hitters.

2016 Mercy Women’s Slowpitch Bat (ASA)


Massive 13 inch composite barrel. Medium flex composite handle for the perfect amount of flex and stiffness. Requires little to no break in time. Designed with women in mind, but often used by all.



13 Inches of sweet, sweet barrel mixed with the new ZnX alloy handle. Approved for all associations except ISF. This is the bat you want if you play in several different leagues or associations and don’t want to invest in two or more slowpitch bats.

2016 ONE Senior Balanced (Senior Softball BPF 1.21)


Legal for Senior Softball only (usually 40 years old and up). 13 inch single wall composite barrel. Smooth, comfortable composite handle. Curved knob for comfortable swinging.

2016 Juggy Senior End Load (Senior Softball BPF 1.21)


Legal for Senior Softball only (usually 40 years old and up). 13 inch multi-wall composite barrel. Comfortable composite handle dampens sting and vibration.



Double wall, ZxN aluminum/zinc alloy barrel. Flexible composite handle to compliment stiff barrel. Uses the same original design that made DeMarini famous.

2016 Raw Steel (ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA)


Remember the White Steel and the Raw Steel? The 2016 DeMarini Steel is the latest single wall, steel barrel softball bat to come out of the Oregon bat maker’s facility. ZxN aluminum/zinc handle for stiffness, and minimizing vibration. The only available slowpitch bat on the market with a Steel barrel. The Raw Steel gives you a unique feel and optimal barrel flex, making it one of the most popular models DeMarini has ever made.

2016 Ultimate Weapon (ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA)


The Ultimate choice for a one-piece, single-wall slowpitch softball bat. Upgraded for 2016 with the ZnX alloy from top to bottom. Stiff, strong, powerful. This is the bat you need for your co-ed and/or Church leagues.