Louisville Slugger Demo Day: 2014

Have you ever wanted to try a new bat out before you buy it? Well, now you can! The 2014 Louisville Slugger Demo Day is coming to Home Run Park batting cages in Anaheim, California, and multiple other Louisville Slugger baseball and softball bat retailers across the United States.

January 25th, 2014 is the day. Click here to get a list of local bat dealers who are participating in this annual event.

TPX Attack

Louisville Slugger has the exciting new Assault and Raid BBCOR bats, which are the world’s first three piece bats, along with the extremely popular and best selling Xeno and LXT fastpitch softball bats. Be sure to call ahead and confirm the bat you would like to try out is going to be there. Many dealers will not have the slowpitch line up of bats like the Z-2000 and the Z-3000 models.

The 2014 Warrior BBCOR bat is no slouch on the diamond, and has built a reputation among high school baseball players and even jr high players as one of the best BBCOR bats for the money.

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