Miken Super Freak & Worth Legit Game Ready Slowpitch Softball Bats

Limited Edition Softball Bats

Arriving on March, 15th 2018, Miken and Worth have created two new slowpitch softball bats that are about to change the way softball bats are thought of, and only 1000 are being made of each.

2018 Miken Worth Game Ready Softball Bats

Max Performance from the Very First Pitch

We all know that because of advanced break-in testing composite slowpitch bats have to be broken-in in order to perform to their peak level. Miken and Worth have come up with an exclusive, proprietary method of making composite softball bats that gives you maximum performance from the very first pitch. No break-in required.

2018 Miken Worth Game Ready Slowpitch Softball Bats

We wish we could tell you even just a little about the process, or how they do it, but Miken and Worth are not going in to great detail about the bat making process. What we can tell you, however, is there are only 1000 of each model 2018 Miken Super Freak and the 2018 Worth Legit Extreme softball bats being made, and they are selling quick. If you want one of these historic bats you need to act quickly.

The Miken Super Freak Maxload – MSUPER – is a USSSA approved softball bat with a 14 inch barrel.

The Worth Legit Extreme – WLGTXU – is also approved for USSSA play, and has a 13.5 inch barrel.

We are super excited about these two bats, and by the looks of it you guys are too. There are a lot of great USSSA softball bats on the market right now, so we are anxious to get our hands on one of these new bats and see what the hype is all about!

Other Great Softball Bats

Also check out the new, 2018 Louisville Slugger Jeff Hall Super Z1000 USSSA softball bat, along with Mizuno’s re-entry back in to the slowpitch market with the 2019 Mizuno Crush (Orange/Black) USSSA softball bat. We have swung both and they are both very good bats! Bat Reviews of these bats and more coming soon!

2018 Miken Slowpitch Softball Bats are here – We’ll show you what’s new

2018 Miken Softball Bats

Miken Logo

With the 2018 Miken slowpitch bats it’s all about choices. Miken used technology similar to how they build their USSSA bats and added a new design to their ASA bats to increase stiffness compared to the four-piece, collared version ASA bats they currently sell (and still will) like the super popular Freak Platinum.

Why stiffer? Elite players tend to like a stiff handle that provides instant feedback and responsive power right off the barrel. By adding the stiff handle ASA bats to their lineup, Miken now gives you the option to use the type of softball bat YOU want.

2018 ASA Miken bats with stiff handles

Freak 23 ASA – 12″ Barrel Stiff Handle

DC-41 Supermax ASA – 14″ Barrel Stiff Handle

2018 USSSA Miken

The 2018 USSSA Miken bats remain largely unchanged from their 2017 models aside from refreshed graphics. Miken has some of the biggest sweet spots and most reactive barrels of any softball bat maker. Expect the same amount of performance from the 2018 bats.

Freak 23 Maxload USSSA – 12″ Barrel

Freak 23 Maxload USSSA - 12" Barrel Slowpitch Softball Bat

DC-41 Supermax USSSA – 14″ Barrel

DC-41 Supermax USSSA - 14" Barrel Slowpitch Softball Bat

Psycho Maxload USSSA – 14″ Barrel

Psycho Maxload USSSA - 14" Barrel Slowpitch Softball Bat

2017 Miken Freak USA & 2017 Worth Legit USA XL “Border Battle” Bats

A couple of “Border Battle Edition” slowpitch softball bats have been released, the 2017 Miken Freak USA & the 2017 Worth Legit USA XL, so we’re going to dive in and give you all the info and specifics. The “Border Battle” bat lineup has been really popular the last few years, with most of them being limited edition bats that are super hot and sell out really fast. Below is info, pics, and links for each bat, as Miken and Worth both have a representing ASA model in this all-new release.

2017 Miken Freak USA Border Battle Slowpitch Softball Bat Supermax ASA MBBFKA2017 Miken Freak USA Border Battle Slowpitch Softball Bat Supermax ASA MBBFKA

Introducing the Freak USA Border Battle Slowpitch Softball Bat! Miken‘s new, innovative technology that is incorporated with the Freak USA makes this bat a must have for ASA play. This bat is going to be for the slowpitch player wanting that extra end-load to maximize distance and power potential, as this is made with a Supermax weighting. This Freak USA also comes with a monster 14″ barrel, giving you an extra long sweet spot for incredible performance.


  • 2-Piece Bat Construction
  • 100% Composite Design
  • Tetra-Core Technology
  • Sensi-Flex
  • Supermax End-Loaded Swing Weight
  • 14″ Barrel Length
  • 2 1/4″ Barrel Diameter
  • Approved for ASA Only
  • Made in the USA
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty


2017 Worth Legit USA XL Border Battle Slowpitch Softball Bat End Loaded ASA WBBLGA2017 Worth Legit USA XL Border Battle Slowpitch Softball Bat End Loaded ASA WBBLGA

This new Legit USA XL bat, along with a sweet ‘Merica color scheme, is super hot with insane pop! The Legit USA XL has a new design for ASA play that will be your go to bat! This 13.5″ barreled bat is for the player wanting XL loading with a massive sweet spot that is hot right out of the wrapper and game ready from day one.


  • 2-Piece Bat Construction
  • 100% Composite Design
  • Quad Comp Technology
  • CF100 Tech
  • Flex 100
  • XL End-Loaded Swing Weight
  • 13.5″ Barrel Length
  • 2 1/4″ Barrel Diameter
  • Approved for ASA Only
  • Made in the USA
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty


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2017 Miken Slowpitch Softball Bat Lineup

The all-new 2017 Miken lineup for slowpitch softball bats is as good as it gets. From ASA to USSSA, whether it’s Supermax or Maxload, this lineup has what you need – and they’re all stupid hot and ready to help you drop bombs! Let’s go bat-by-bat so you can find the one you need.


2017 Miken Freak Patriot Slowpitch Softball Bat Maxload ASA (Product Code: FPATMA) 2017 Miken Freak Patriot Maxload ASA

This new design 2-piece bat is for the player wanting end-load weighting with a bigger sweetspot and extreme barrel flex. To be more specific, the end-load is a .5oz maxload, giving you additional power without sacrificing too much swing speed. Also, this Patriot has a MONSTER 14″ barrel length, which allowed Miken to maximize the sweet spot potential. Lastly, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Heroes Mission.



2017 Miken Denny Crine DC41 Slowpitch Softball Bat Supermax USSSA (Product Code: MDC41U)

2017 Miken Denny Crine DC41 Slowpitch Softball BatSignature 2-piece bat for Denny Crine with his 1oz supermax end-load for maximum performance and optimal barrel flex. This bat is your classic DC41 bat, giving you more mass at the end of the barrel for increased power and further hitting distances. This DC41 gives you all the stupid hot pop you expect in a Denny Crine, allowing you to maximize the U-trip standard and drive the ball to the wall!



2017 Miken Freak 30 Kevin Filby Slowpitch Softball Bat Maxload USSSA (Product Code: MFILBU)

mfilbuSignature 2-piece bat for Kevin “Flip” Filby with an end-load weighting on a 12″ barrel length design. This bat has raw power for those that can swing it. The maxload end-load doesn’t make the bat too heavy, so you don’t have to sacrifice too much swing speed for the increased power potential. Year in and year out the Filby models are super hot out of the wrapper and have sick pop, and this bat is no different.



2017 Miken Psycho Slowpitch Softball Bat USSSA Supermax (Product Code: SYKDTE)


This end-loaded Psycho is for the slowpitch softball player who likes to drop bombs with consistency, as the supermax weighting places more mass at the end of the barrel for increased hitting distances. The 2-piece construction gives way for some flex, minimal sting felt in the hands, and a great optimized feel at the plate. Miken crafts this Psycho with Triple Matrix Core, F2P, and 100COMP technologies that allows you to have a bat that maximizes the U-trip standard with elite performance. The Triple Matrix Core Technology increases Miken’s exclusive aerospace grade material volume by 5%, eliminating wall seams with a breakthrough carbonized process that maximizes both performance and durability. 100COMP is the revolutionary formula that changed the game and introduced certified Miken high performance equipment. This product is engineered utilizing 100% premium aerospace grade fiber to deliver Miken’s legendary performance and durability. The F2P optimizes handles flex to barrel loading, to maximize the overall speed of the bat head through the hitting zone.

2017 Miken Psycho Izzy/Pearson Slowpitch Softball bat Maxload USSSA (Product Code: MPSY2U)
Signature 2-piece bat for Kyle Pearson and Jeremy Isenhower. This is for the player wanting end-load weighting with hot out of the wrapper performance. Pearson and Izzy wouldn’t swing just any bat, they only swing the best, and that’s exactly what this Psycho is if you’re looking for an end-loaded U-trip monster! This bat has legendary power, incredible performance, and is built for power so your bombs can go further than ever before.


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2016 Miken Freak USA Border Battle Slowpitch Softball Bat Review

Show your USA pride, get the Freak USA Border Battle softball bat at CheapBats.com!

Show your USA pride, get the Freak USA Border Battle softball bat at CheapBats.com!

The all-new Miken slow-pitch softball bat for 2016, called the Freak USA Border Battle, is made for ASA play and has a Supermax end-load. It’s awesome how Miken is showing pride towards the Land of the Free & the Home of the Brave. This particular Freak bat has a 2-piece construction and is crafted using Miken’s 100COMP method, which means the bat is made 100% composite with some of the finest aerospace grade carbon fiber in the game. The Triple Matrix Core Technology eliminates wall seams by 5%, which allows the barrel walls to be stronger while also being lighter, giving you all the power benefits while still giving you the fast swing speed and improved bat control that you long for. This Freak USA Border Battle comes with the ASA approval stamp, approving this softball bat for ASA play only (it’s not approved for any other softball association). This Freak should be lights out with the 52core/300lb compression softballs, as well as all other softballs used in ASA leagues. Lastly, this Freak comes with a full one year manufacturer’s warranty!

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Best 2014 ASA Slowpitch Softball Bats

2014 ASA Slowpitch Softball BatsSo what are the best 2014 ASA Slowpitch Softball Bats? Let’s look at some of the best contenders in the lineup.

2014 Easton B3.0 SlowPitch Softball Bat ASA Balanced SP14B3

2014 ASA Slowpitch Softball BatsSet to arrive in early March is Easton’s B3 ASA Balanced. Built for control and power, this two-piece Slow Pitch Bat is 100% composite, using The SIC Black Carbon in the handle, and The IMX Composite in the 13 1/2″ barrel. With a huge sweet spot and the Patented ConneXion 2014 ASA Slowpitch Softball Batspiece holding the bat together while eliminating vibration. The Easton B3.0 ASA Balance SP14B3 is going to be a bully on the softball field.

2014 Demarini Flipper Aftermath Slowpitch Softball Bat WTDXFLS-V14 

Demarini has made a new Divergence technology for the 13 inch carbon barrel. The Divergence Tech moves the barrel wall of the slow pitch bat horizontally around the surface of the softball to create the most force possible. Demarini went with their SC4 alloy in the handle of this 2014 ASA Slowpitch Softball Batshalf of the two-piece bat. Topped off with their Dish End Cap Demarini is excited for this new Slowpitch bat to make it’s way into your hands.

2014 Easton L6.0 Slowpitch Softball Bat ASA End Loaded SP14L6

If your looking for a steal this season on a top of the line bat, you just found it. Easton used the same IMX Composite in the 12″ barrel as it’s other high end softball bats giving you maximum performance from the barrel of this bat. Keeping things straight forward this is a one-piece, all composite bat that has a end load.

2014 Louisville Slugger Z-3000 ASA Slowpitch Softball Bats

Louisville has two models of the TPS ASA Z3000. They are basically the same bat except for one is an End Loaded Softball bat, and the other is Balanced Softball Bat. Using The Pure 360 Composite in both the handle, and in the 12″ barrel, Louisville Slugger made the wall thinner and more durable. Louisville’s S1 iD Inner Disc allows for the most energy allowed to be transferred to the ball.  All this and you still get The TRU3 Technology that connects this two piece Louisville Slugger Softball Bat. A feature that forms a stronger bonding between handle and barrel while also absorbing any unpleasant feed back from the swing. A proven player favorite.

2014 Miken Ultra 750X Maxload ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat

This bat is one of our most popular softball bats based on sales and performance. The Miken 750X is a 100% composite softball bat, and one solid piece. There are many reviews of this bat breaking in, and really extending players hitting distance. This is a player favorite, and in many ASA athletes opinion, one of the best 2014 ASA softball bats for sale.

2014 Demarini Juggernaut ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat 

The Demarini Juggy ASA is a 100% composite two piece softball bat, with a 12″ barrel made with double wall reinforcement. The Demarini Juggernaut TR3 F.L.O. Handle only increases this bats strength and feel through the zone. Taking extra care to extract all the performance from this slowpitch bat Demarini put in the Big D End Cap which take any loss energy at the end of the barrel and drives it right back into the ball.

 2014 Demarini Mercy ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat

The Demarini Mercy for 2014 is offered to the ladies of ASA in a 13″ barrel using one piece construction. They put the Demarini 4.ONE Composite in both the handle and the barrel of the softball bat for offensive production, and comfort. To finish off this piece of equipment they plugged in The Clutch 2 End Cap. 

2014 Demarini ONE Slowpitch Softball Bat

Ready to hit the field will be the 2014 Demarini ONE. Using a 13″ barrel with The 4.ONE composite, and a SC4 Alloy in the handle, Demarini is making this bat for the individual who likes a stiff feel, but still craves the performance and feedback of a composite barrel.

 Whatever of these 2014 ASA Approved Slowpitch Softball bats you choose, you’ll be giving yourself the best chance you can to win in the game if you find the best ASA Slowpitch Bat for you.  Cheapbats.com

2015 Miken Slowpitch Bats Now In Stock

Miken Baseball BatsMiken is releasing their 2015 softball bats already, and there’s 11 in their new lineup.  With all of those choices there’s bound to be a Miken for you.

First up is the Ultra Series. The Miken Ultra 750X Slowpitch bats use a synergy of epoxy and carbon fiber that gives them their name. The 750X stands for the strength of 750 pounds of pressure per square inch on the softball bat.  Miken made this X-Series extremely hot out of the wrapper  by using a High Pressure Infusion Composite technology that also combines durability.

2015 Miken Filby KF-30 UltraMax USSSA (FILBMU) 

  • 1.5 ounce SuperMax End Load Swing weight
  • Kevin Filby’s Signature Model
  • One-Piece 100% Composite
  • USSSA, NSA, and ISA Approved

2015 Miken Ultra 750X Balanced ASA (UL75BA)

  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • One-Piece 100% Composite
  • ASA Approved

2015 Miken Izzy Psycho SuperMax (SPSYMU)

  • 1 ounce SuperMax End Load Swing Weight.
  • USSSA, NSA, and ISA Approved
  • One-Piece 100% Composite

2015 Miken Ultra 750X MaxLoad ASA (UL75MA)

  • 0.5 ounce MaxLoad End Load Swing Weight
  • One-Piece 100% Composite
  • ASA Approved

2015 Miken Psycho Balanced USSSA (SPSYBU)

  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • One-Piece 100% Composite
  • USSSA, NSA, and ISA Approved

2015 Miken Ultra 750X MaxLoad USSSA (ULTXMU)

  • 0.5 ounce Maxload End Load Swing Weight
  • USSSA, NSA, and ISA Approved
  • One-piece 100% Composite

2015 Miken Psycho SuperMax ASA (SPSYMA)

  • 1 once SuperMax End Load Swing Weight
  • ASA Approved
  • One-Piece 100% Composite

2015 Miken Psycho Balanced ASA (SPSYBA)

  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • ASA Approved
  • One-Piece 100% Composite

Now we get to the 2015 Miken TRIADS. The TRIAD Series slow pitch bats have giant sweet spots. Miken’s Triple Pressure Application creates thermal expansion in the finest grade Aero-space Carbon  available.

2015 Miken DC-41 SuperMax (BTGDCU)

  • 1 ounce SuperMax End Load swing weight
  • USSSA, NSA, and ISA Approved
  • Denny Crine’s Signature Model
  • Two-Piece 100% Composite

2015 Miken TRIAD3 Xtreme MaxLoad ASA (STR3MA)

  • Made for the ASA .52COR Ball
  • 0.5 ounce MaxLoad End Load Swing weight
  • Two-piece 100% Composite
  • ASA Approved

2015 Miken TRIAD3 Xtreme MaxLoad USSSA (STR3MU)

  • 0.5 MaxLoad End Load Swing Weight
  • Two-Piece 100% Composite
  • USSSA Approved

The 2015 Miken Slowpitch Bats are hot out of the wrapper, and ready to the best on the field. They come with a 1 year warranty from Miken. If you have more inquiries about the Miken softball bats or any other bats feel free to ask our bat experts at Cheapbats.com



Miken – Softball Bats

Miken Softball BatsMiken Softball Bats has been a pioneer within the industry for years.  Miken Softball Bats are hot out of the wrapper and perform up to the expectations that the elites in the softball world have.  There are numerous lines of bats that the professional softball player endorses due to the quality of the bats.  People that use a Miken product know inherently that they are getting top quality for their money.


The Triad is the latest and greatest new Miken Softball Bat to come off the line.  This is a two piece 100% composite bat that has been engineered for power hitters that desire a very distinct end load or top heavy feeling in the bat.  The Milken Triad has been able to bring both durability and an extremely effective sweet spot for the consumer.  This particular bat is the perfect product for a player looking for an end load.  If someone is more inclined to the feel of balanced bats this is by no means the product for you.

Ultra II

This bat is one of the most effective softball bats on the market.  Due to this reason it is not legal for use in USSSA or ASA

events.  This bat is incredibly powerful and are only legal mostly in senior leagues and events with no national affiliations.  The Milken Ultra II is a 100% composite bat that uses some of the most effective composite materials used in the bat industry.  It has been able to engineer a large sweet spot coupled with a thin handle giving the batter a high level of control over the bat.  This is an extremely powerful bat that is approved in SSUSA events and illegal in most other events.

Miken Freak

This is the tried and true Miken Softball Bat that has been produced year after year meeting and exceeding the expectations of players with each new model.  At its core it is a basic one piece 100% composite bat that performs day after day.  This is the workhorse of Miken that garners most of the popularity.  The Milken Freak multi wall bat has been manufactured to produce power for the power hitter looking for it without making it undesirable for the player hitting for an average.  It is a great bat that both types of hitters will enjoy using.

Give us a shout at Cheapbats if you have any questions about Milken Softball Bats slow pitch and fast pitch bats.