2015 DeMarini CF7 Fastpitch Softball Bats

Nothing is being held back with the launch of the highly anticipated lineup of 2015 DeMarini CF7 fastpitch softball bats. Their revolutionary D-Fusion technology has spread to all CF7 models, creating three-piece softball bats that are in a league of their own!

Each CF7 barrel is constructed from DeMarini’s Paradox Composite material. This innovative, composite laying technology helps to lengthen the barrel’s sweet spot, and creates a softness in the barrel that actually provides improved explosiveness. With additional responsiveness and a more rigid stiffness in the D-Fusion handle, the Thermo-Fused taper will drastically reduce vibration on impact and rechannel the energy back to where it counts, the barrel. To top it off (literally), DeMarini inserts their rigid Clutch End Cap to produce the same effect as the handle; less vibration and energy relocation to the barrel.

We can’t guarantee you won’t miss the ball with a 2015 DeMarini CF7 in your hands, but we can guarantee you’ll experience a lot less mishits. Explosive right out of the wrapper, these DeMarini fastpitch bats combine groundbreaking science with proven durability and performance. The DeMarini CF7 is available in six models: -8, -9, -10, -10 Insane, -10 Hope and -11. Whether you swing for average or for the fences, the 2015 CF7 lineup has a softball bat for you!

2015 DeMarini CF7 -8 Fastpitch Softball Bat

This is the heavy hitter of the 2015 lineup. The -8 and -9 CF7 provide the smallest length-to-weight differential available, creating a bat with the capability to allow a hitter to produce a whole lot of torque behind every swing. Although this softball bat is heavier than the other models, it is well-balanced, and when brought mightily through the zone will deliver a crushing blow to the ball and the opposing pitcher’s ego.

  • Three-piece fully composite design
  • Paradox Composite barrel
  • DeMarini’s D-Fusion handle
  • Vibration reducing Thermo-Fused taper
  • Available  -8 oz. and -9 oz. weight drops
  • Full Year Warranty

2015 DeMarini CF7 -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat

For the player that is looking for a softball bat that is not too heavy or too light, the 2015 -10 CF7 will meet you right there in the middle. This DeMarini softball bat comes equipped with an imposing sweet spot on its Paradox Composite barrel. The D-Fusion technology utilized in the handle will take the sting away from your hands and transmit any wasted energy back to the barrel. Quality, durability and performance at it’s finest.

  • Barrel constructed of Paradox Composite material
  • D-Fusion handle made with carbon reinforced Paradox Composite and a Thermo-Fused taper
  • Power-producing Clutch End Cap
  • Major softball association approval, including ASA and USSSA
  • One year warranty

2015 DeMarini CF7 -10 Insane Fastpitch Softball Bat

The name says it all! DeMarini’s 2015 CF7 Insane is built to produce performance on the field that will have the other team’s defense going crazy. There is a slight end load in this -10 model, allowing you to really get all of your weight behind the ball and launch rockets to every part of the field. With the DeMarini Insane fastpitch bat, you can let loose, get out of your head and go batty!

  • Paradox Composite laying technology in the barrel
  • Carbon reinforced D-Fusion handle
  • Thermo-Fused technology in the taper
  • Energy redirecting Clutch End Cap
  • End-loaded swing weight
  • Approved by ASA, USSSA and all major softball associations
  • DeMarini’s one year warranty

2015 DeMarini CF7 -10 Hope Fastpitch Softball Bat

DeMarini is committed to not only producing a great product, but also applying that passion and dedication to causes that produce a better world. With each 2015 CF7 Hope sold, proceeds are donated to The Breast Cancer Researh Foundation. This fastpitch softball bat still has the same game-changing technology used in the standard -10 CF7, so you can rest assured that although the look is different, the results will stay the same. The DeMarini Hope is the perfect combination for the player who is all about purpose and performance.

  • Limited Edition!
  • Hot D-Fusion technology
  • Paradox Composite barrel and handle
  • Special graphics indicating support of breast cancer research
  • Has the approval of all major softball associations, including ASA and USSSA
  • One year warranty through DeMarini

2015 DeMarini CF7 -11 Fastpitch Softball Bat

You didn’t think DeMarini was just going to let the older players have all the fun, did you? The -11 CF7 caters to the younger fastpitch player with a serious game. The Paradox Composite barrel has an imposing sweet spot that is joined together with their cutting-edge, D-Fusion handle. This bat may be the lightest out of the CF7 lineup, but the hits you’ll get are sure to make a lot of hearts heavy.

  • Exclusive D-Fusion handle
  • DeMarini’s very own Paradox Composite barrel
  • Rigid Clutch End Cap
  • ASA, USSSA and all major softball associations approved
  • Manufacturer’s 12 month full warranty

If you’d like to know more about the 2015 DeMarini CF7 lineup, or about any of the other fastpitch bats that we carry here at Cheapbats, please reach out to us with your questions.

Fastpitch Softball Bats – Best Discounted for 2014

Sometimes, finding the right baseball or softball bat is all about finding the right deal. Whether it is 50 dollars off or 150 dollars off, even the smallest discounts will make one bat stand out above the rest when searching the web. There are dozens of new bats released each year for fastpitch softball players, which only helps when it comes to best deals. What are some of the best fastpitch softball bats you can get for your bat bag this season that have a discounted price?

2014 Louisville Slugger LXT

2014 Louisville Slugger XLT Fastpitch Softball BatThis bat is currently available for $349.95, which is $50 off the list price. It is made with composite material and comes in -10oz. You can get it in five different lengths/weights, but regardless of which bat you use, the LXT is made to help you produce. They completely redesigned this bat so it is practically new for this upcoming season. The technology they used to make this bat helps create a trampoline effect when solid contact is made. Plus, when you don’t make solid contact, instead of vibrations that hurt, the feedback is better and the pain is limited.

2014 DeMarini CF6 

2014 DeMarini CF6 Fastpitch Softball BatThe 2014 line of DeMarini bats are one of the most popular for softball players around the country and this bat is one of the best options for fastpitch players. Currently priced at $299.95, this bat, with an -11oz. weight drop is also made of composite. The composite DeMarini used is called Paradox and helps to make this bat perfect for those just picking up the sport. The composite material used is stronger than DeMarini has ever used before, while also allowing for the trampoline effect with solid contact.

2014 DeMarini CF6 Hope

2014 DeMarini CF6 Fastpitch Softball Bat - HopeAnother member of the latest bat line for DeMarini, the CF6 Hope comes in -10oz. and was also constructed with the paradox composite barrel and handle. The bat has a larger sweet spot that is great for the power hitter on your team. They also made this bat using the 2x Stacked Double Wall Technology. Using multiple layers of the composite material allow for the ultimate trampoline feel and at $299.95, this bat is perfect to boost your confidence and improve your play.

Call Cheapbats for information or questions on any of our other discounted 2014 fastpitch softball bats!

2014 DeMarini Fastpitch Bat Review

The softball season is here! And you’re sure to find one of the best bats in the 2014 DeMarini fastptich bat line. the CF6 series.

2014 DeMarini  fastptich bat

2014 DeMarini CF6 (-10 ounce, -9 ounce, -8 ounce)

One of our best selling fastpitch bats, the CF6 bats (and CF7 later this year) are amazing bats. The 2014 CF6 is currently our second best seller in our Fastpitch Bats category, behind the 2014 Mako. The CF6 uses the new Paradox Composite in the handle and barrel. This new composite serves two purposes, to make the handle stiffer and make the barrel softer. You get a massive sweet spot and a barrel that is extremely responsive. Finish the bat off with the Clutch End Cap to help kill stinging and vibration in your hands, and you have a recipe for softball success. Also available is the CF6 Hope, which is simply a different color scheme to help promote awareness of breast cancer.

2014 DeMarini fastptich bat

2014 DeMarini CF6 Sprite (-11 ounce)

The -11 length to weight ratio has the lightest swinging DeMarini fastpitch softball bat in the CF6 lineup. The new Paradox composite barrel and handle and the -11 length to weight ratio CF6 softball bat gives younger kids an edge in the batters box. This is our best selling CF6 softball bat.

2014 DeMarini  fastptich bat

2014 DeMarini CF6 Insane

The two differences that the CF6 Insane has is the D-Fusion Handle that connects the handle and the barrel, and the end loaded swing weight. The advantage of the D-Fusion Handle is the notable reduction in vibration on mishits. If you are strong enough, the end load will help increase the distance of the softball because of the added power in the swing.

We love to take all things bats at Cheapbats! Give us a shout if you have any questions or would like to order from the 2014 DeMarini Fastpitch Bat line.

Fast Pitch Softball Bat Giving Guide – 3 Great Bats

Looking for a guide to fast pitch softball bats for gift giving?

With the holiday season quickly approaching, trying to sneak around your children to figure out what they want for Christmas could be difficult to do. That task is more difficult to manage for some, but not so much for others. For those on your gift-giving list that would appreciate a play fast pitch softball bat this spring, there are many different gifts that can be purchased for them. Among them would be new fielding gloves, batting gloves and bats. What are some of the best fast pitch softball bats you can get for all the special people on your shopping list?

2013 DeMarini CF5

Fast Pitch Softball Bat DeMarini CF5 in red The 2013 CF5 is one of the best fast pitch softball bats available and at a discounted off-season price, would be a perfect addition to the bat bag of your fast-pitch star. The bat is made with composite material and can be purchased with a 10oz. or 11oz. weight drop. The company used the lightest material available to them, allowing for this bat to be swung with the maximum speed. Those playing in ISF, ISA, ASA, USSSA and NSA leagues can use this bat and get great swings for the entire 2014 season.

2014 Demarini CF6

Fast Pitch Softball Bat - DeMarini CF6For those that would rather give the latest model as a gift, the 2014 Demarini CF6 fast pitch softball bat would make for a great gift. The bat was constructed using paradox composite handle and paradox composite barrel and is finished off with a clutch end cap. It also features double wall construction that make the ball propel off it further than before throughout the barrel.

 2014 Louisville Slugger XENO

One of the best new fast pitch softball bats for 2014 comes from one of the top bat manufacturers in the world. The Louisville Slugger XENO is Fast Pitch Softball Bat - 2014 Louisville Slugger Xeno Pinkmade of composite material and comes with a 10 oz. weight drop. The composite material is exclusive to the company and is thinner than traditional material, allowing the company to produce the bat with more layers. That gives the bat increased strength and durability over other models and with an aluminum disc located within the barrel, there is an increased sweet spot. It is approved for use in ASA, USSSA, NSF, ISF and ISA leagues and comes with a 12 month warranty.

We have many great gift ideas at Cheapbats.com and loads for fast pitch softball bats for all the athletes on your list. Give us a call and we will help you pick!

Miken – Softball Bats

Miken Softball BatsMiken Softball Bats has been a pioneer within the industry for years.  Miken Softball Bats are hot out of the wrapper and perform up to the expectations that the elites in the softball world have.  There are numerous lines of bats that the professional softball player endorses due to the quality of the bats.  People that use a Miken product know inherently that they are getting top quality for their money.


The Triad is the latest and greatest new Miken Softball Bat to come off the line.  This is a two piece 100% composite bat that has been engineered for power hitters that desire a very distinct end load or top heavy feeling in the bat.  The Milken Triad has been able to bring both durability and an extremely effective sweet spot for the consumer.  This particular bat is the perfect product for a player looking for an end load.  If someone is more inclined to the feel of balanced bats this is by no means the product for you.

Ultra II

This bat is one of the most effective softball bats on the market.  Due to this reason it is not legal for use in USSSA or ASA

events.  This bat is incredibly powerful and are only legal mostly in senior leagues and events with no national affiliations.  The Milken Ultra II is a 100% composite bat that uses some of the most effective composite materials used in the bat industry.  It has been able to engineer a large sweet spot coupled with a thin handle giving the batter a high level of control over the bat.  This is an extremely powerful bat that is approved in SSUSA events and illegal in most other events.

Miken Freak

This is the tried and true Miken Softball Bat that has been produced year after year meeting and exceeding the expectations of players with each new model.  At its core it is a basic one piece 100% composite bat that performs day after day.  This is the workhorse of Miken that garners most of the popularity.  The Milken Freak multi wall bat has been manufactured to produce power for the power hitter looking for it without making it undesirable for the player hitting for an average.  It is a great bat that both types of hitters will enjoy using.

Give us a shout at Cheapbats if you have any questions about Milken Softball Bats slow pitch and fast pitch bats.

Anderson Fastpitch Softball Bats a Closer Look

Anderson Baseball Bats by CheapbatsAnderson Fast Pitch Softball Bats are made by one of the most underappreciated slow pitch and fast pitch softball bat manufacturers in the world. Many slow pitch players that have used the Rocketech and Pyrotech know exactly what these bats can do. The thing about Anderson bats is they are made to withstand a lot of different swings and don’t bend or crack as easily as other more popular brands.

If you are a fast pitch softball player, how do the Anderson bats compare?

Anderson Techzilla FP

Instead of being end loaded like a lot of popular men’s slow pitch softball bats, the Anderson Techzilla bat is barrel-weighted which means it is considered a balanced weight and easier to swing. The bat features a TrueFlex end cap, a weldless knob to ensure your hand stays healthy while swinging and is an all metal multi wall bat.

Anderson NanoTek FP

This bat is one of the most popular Anderson models for fast pitch players. Eligible for use in ASA, USSA, ISA and NSA leagues, the Anderson NanoTek is made with a composite handle and a small coating across the whole bat of material exclusive to Anderson that allows it to flex as if it was made of composite. Coming from a bat made of single wall alloy, that is a major feat. The bat also features an injury preventive ergonomically correct knob to make every swing safer.

Anderson Flexzilla FP

The Anderson Flexzilla is available for those looking for bats with a -11 weight. They come in sizes from 31 inches to 34 inches long and are made with a FlexLink design. They are made with an interior multi wall design and composite handle. The bat has a one year warranty and will allow you to get extra pop when being used. The bat is eligible for use in NSA, USSA, ASA and ISA sanctioned leagues and when used in coed softball, will easily help you beat the male outfielders cheating the coed line.

These bats do have several similarities, but the one important similarity is something that is the staple in the Anderson Bat Company line.  These models all feature thin handles that some people love and some hate and while they may take getting used to, they are worth it.

For more information about our full line of Anderson bats see the Cheapbats website.


Cheap Softball Bats – Great Starter Bats for Learning to Hit

Cheap Softball Bats

Cheap BatsWhen it comes to playing slowpitch and fastpitch softball, a lot of people think that you need to have the most expensive bat on the market to be successful. That isn’t the case. You need to have solid fundamentals and know how to play the game the right way. But for those looking for solid bats at an affordable price, Cheap Bats has plenty of options. There are cheap softball bats that can be purchased through the website that will set you up for a great swing.

2013 Easton Hammer Slowpitch Softball Bat

When it comes to affordable softball bats, the Easton Hammer is one of the best options. This bat costs a little more than $20 and is an unknown bat on plenty of benches around the country. The Easton Hammer softball bat is a single piece model that was constructed with aluminum alloy and comes with a thin handle, making it easier to hold for smaller players. It was made with a 12″ evenly balanced barrel to allow for the best swing every time. A great bat for under $40.

Worth Toxic Fastpitch Softball Bat

For those looking to find cheap softball bats, this is one of the best to get your young daughter used to swing a bat. It has an 11 oz. weight drop and is made with single piece construction. The bat is built to last and meant to last for an extended period of time. It has a large sweet spot which was created after Worth extended the barrel close to two inches longer. The Worth Toxic Fastpitch Softball Bat is center loaded which will allow you to get more power behind each swing. A true bargain at under $30.

2013 Mizuno Mirage Fastpitch Softball Bat

When people think about softball bat manufacturers, one company that doesn’t get a lot of attention is Mizuno. The company is known for their excellent gloves and cleats, but with this fastpitch bat, you will never doubt their ability to make a solid bat. The 2013 Mizuno Mirage has a 12.5 oz. weight drop and was created with new technology that enhanced and expanded the sweet spot throughout most of the barrel. Hard to believe, but this softball bat is under $70.

These are just some of the cheap softball bats offered at Cheap Bats. For more information, just click the hyperlink.

What Makes the Ideal Softball Bat?

Being successful at the game of softball requires consistent hitting. The ideal softball bat can help achieve his or her goal of being great at the sport. A softball bat that is worn out limits the ability to perfect the swing and decreases the velocity that the ball can be hit . The ideal softball bat maximizes the speed of the swing and can measurably improve batting skills. The point is, it pays to replace, even a much loved bat from time to time.

The Ideal Softball Bat

So, exactly what makes an ideal softball bat? It often depends on the skill level of the softball player. However, every softball bat will eventually wear out due to extended use. Many available softball bats are manufactured out of aluminum, which over time can start to dent, due to repeated hits.

Based on the height and weight of the player, a bat can be too short or too long, and even too light or too heavy. For many lightweight players, a heavy bat can slow down the speed of the swing. While a lighter bat might have the ability to increase swing speed, it also can increase the potential of over-swinging.

 The Bat’s Function

Many times, a coach will choose a variety of bats for their players in an effort to maximize their abilities. Heavy softball bats are often used for practice, so that when the player is at-bat during tournament play their own bat will feel lighter and allow them to swing much harder.

 Different Types of Softball Bats

Nearly every type of amateur softball league will allow their players to use a variety of bats including those manufactured out of aluminum, metal mixtures and even composites. A quality composite bat can offer an advantage to a player of any skill level. The composite bats are often lighter as a way to increase the speed of the swing. By having a faster swing speed, there is usually more of a “pop off” motion to the bat that provides greater distance when hitting a ball.

Many men’s softball league hitters can pop the ball 70 miles an hour or faster. The impact of the bat on the ball expends a significant amount of force and mother nature can influence bat selection. Bats fabricated out of nearly any type of material, even wood, can be subject to weather conditions. Composite bats seem to work better in the summer, than in cold weather. Aluminum bats tend to dent when the weather is cold.

Only by spending time swinging with a variety of different bats can the player come to know exactly which are the ideal softballs bat for him or her.  It always seems to come down to personal choice, which is why Cheapbats.com offers  many ideal softball bats for all different types of players.