All Star Fielding and Catchers Gloves Review

All Star Fielding and Catchers Gloves

all star fielding and catchers glovesAll Star Sporting Goods is the manufacturer of All Star baseball and softball gloves. The company is family orientated and have established a reputation for putting out the finest gloves any baseball or softball catcher can wear during their career. Over the course of their existence, they have strived to give those who use their gloves the best tool for the job and more often than not, have succeeded at just that.

The company produces more than just great catchers gloves. They produce gloves for players of any position, but are known mostly for their gloves for the pitchers’ best friend. These gloves are used by several Major League Baseball stars of today and the past including Mike Napoli, Jose Molina, Jason Varitek, Brian Schneider, Raul Chavez, AJ Ellis, and recent big league call-up Xavier Cedeno.

These professional athletes have become used to wearing these gloves made with exclusive Japanese tanned steer hide. This material is known to break in quickly and has an extended life period. The gloves also feature soft tan leather pockets, which give you the solid pop sound when catching a fastball. They also use stiffer leather for the backing of the glove, which also helps increase its length of life and provides an ideal amount of support.

One aspect of these gloves that makes them so popular with professional baseball and softball players is the fact that each glove is made by hand. Instead of trusting machines to stitch ever part of the glove together and take care of the labor, human hands are used. Anyone that has used an All Star glove made by hand, will attest to the fact that they are at the top of the food chain in terms of glove manufacturers.

In addition to adult gloves, All Star makes catchers gloves for youth players. is proud to represent All Star fielding and catchers gloves.

Dustin Pedroia DP-15 A2000 and A2K Wilson Gloves

Dustin Pedroia WILSON A2K BASEBALL GLOVE Dustin Pedroia is passionate about the baseball glove he uses. He is one of the best players in Major League Baseball, and one of the best second basemen in the game. How he came to be a Wilson fielding glove believer is actually a very interesting, and cool story. He is so passionate that when Wilson brought in Aso San their glove guru, Pedroia didn’t even think Aso Could make a glove that he loved, but Aso did just that.

He customized to the extreme specifications of Dustin Pedroia’s preferences, it has everything he wanted. A tight-fitting on the hand, flared fingers, and half the palm padding for a better feel of where the ball is in the mitt. They even threw in the extra long laces on the outside of the glove so you could whip it back and forth just like him. See this clip on how far Wilson went to make Pedroia part ways with his beloved fifteen year old glove, and why he now says this is the perfect, most ideal glove for an infielder.

The Wilson A2000 Series is made from the world renown “Wilson Pro stock Leather”.  An American Steer hide sought after by professionals and amateurs alike, with a reputation for the highest quality, and toughest durability on the market.

The Dustin Pedroia Wilson Glove A2000 DP15 GM, has an H-web because that was Dustin’s choice for all of his signature series. However A2000’s are available in a variety of choices such as I-Web, Closed two-piece, Trapeze, and Basket.

Another special feature to the Wilson Baseball Gloves Pedroia influenced is the Rolled Dual Welting. This reinforces the glove by running down the back of the fingers to the wrist opening, by pre-shaping the glove to ensure a perfect break in. Because serious athletes push the extremes of their equipment, the 11.5 inch Wilson DP15 also has double lacing in the web, and Dri-Lex Technology in the lining of the wrist to help keep your hand cool as well as remove sweat away from the area.

The Wilson A2K Gloves are the same as the A2000’s except they use the top %5 of the American pro stock leather from Wilson’s inventory to provide flawless leather with unparalleled look and durability. The A2K leather is also worked over three times as much by a master leather craftsman to pre-shape the glove for a guaranteed best possible break in. The Dustin Pedroia Wilson A2K is the Signature glove he actually uses in his games.

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Shoeless Joe Gloves Recaptured a Small Piece of Baseball History

Remember the Golden Age of baseball? Where the focus was on the fans and the purity of simply playing the game? And you didn’t have to spend half of your paycheck for tickets as well as food and refreshments? It may be difficult to remember those times, and the reality is that they are long gone, but Shoeless Joe gloves has created a way for you to experience a bit of that nostalgia. They’ve recaptured a small piece of baseball history, and offer the modern day player a chance to enjoy the look and feel of a high-quality glove that old time pros would have used on the diamond.

Shoeless Joe Gloves

Shoeless Joe provides a choice between two different series of baseball gloves: the Golden Era Glove series and the Professional Model series. In this Shoeless Joe glove review, we’ll provide you with the basics of their traditional glove crafting that is sure to make this company similarly stand the test of time.Shoeless Joe Junior Youth Glove

The Golden Era Glove series offers the classic design and texture that you would find from the game’s earlier years. The expert craftsmen at Shoeless Joe utilize the patterns and components unique to that period, hand-cutting and sewing their selected leather. The leather for each glove goes through their distinctive Tobacco Tanning process, and is also hand-rubbed with a mix of special ingredients before it even gets to the break-in phase.   Wearing one of these Shoeless Joe gloves may not make you play like Babe Ruth, but you will certainly be equipped with the same style of glove that he played with. A classic look for the confident, current player of today.

For the ballplayer that desires a superiorly constructed glove like the models found in the Golden Era series, but would rather have a more contemporary look, the Professional Model series is sure to contain just what you are looking for! Each and every Shoeless Joe Professional Model baseball glove is hand-crafted identically as the Golden Era models. Tobacco tanned and kneaded, Shoeless Joe’s leather doesn’t require a period of breaking-in the glove. A Professional Model, Shoeless Joe glove is ready to perform on the field from the moment they are purchased. The only other question that remains…are you?

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Rawlings Baseball Gloves and Bats – Manufacturer Spotlight

Rawlings Baseball Bats and Baseball GlovesRawlings Baseball Gloves and Bats: One of the most common baseball glove brands you will see on the benches of high school and slow pitch softball dugouts comes from Rawlings. The company was founded in 1887 and is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. The company is one of the largest in the market and is a licensed manufacturer of gloves for Major League Baseball and the NCAA. The company is also a licensed producer of products for the National Football League.

Rawlings was the producer of the first major glove innovation in 1912. This innovation was the “sure catch” glove which was a one-piece unit with sewn-in finger positions. As years went one, more changes were made to the glove, including one at the suggestion of Bill Doak. Doak’s idea was to turn the fielding glove into something that wasn’t just for protection, rather make it something that could be used as an asset for fielding batted balls.

Rawlings is also known for is the Rawlings Gold Glove Awards. As an officially licensed produce of gloves for MLB, this award is meant to award those players that have shown the best ability to use their gloves in the field. The award has been awarded annually since 1958 to the best defensive players at each position from the American and National Leagues.

Rawlings doesn’t only produce some of the best gloves in the market, but they also produce some of the best wood bats for use in baseball and softball leagues. The Rawlings Big Stick is one of the best options for those seeking out a top bat at an affordable price. These bats are made with composite handles and the design shows how the company has evolved its’ line of popular baseball bats over time.

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Nokona Baseball Gloves – Brand Profile

Nokona Baseball Gloves from Cheapbats.comNokona baseball gloves are a part of America’s pastime – baseball, since 1934.  Since the company was founded, they have strived to produce only the highest quality gloves for youth, high school and adult players around the world. Headquartered in Nokona, Texas, Nokona is proud that all their gloves are produced in this city by people who live nearby.

That is part of what sets Nokona baseball gloves apart from the rest of the baseball glove market. When other companies have machines set up to cut and stitch gloves together, each Nokona baseball glove is cut, stamped, laced, stitched and embroidered by Americans. When you purchase a glove from Nokona, you can trust that the product you are getting was crafted by trained professionals.

With each passing year, Nokona strives to continue their history of excellence while still improving their products. As the company plans to celebrate their 80th anniversary in 2014, Nokona has enhanced their line of gloves to include the X2 Elite and Alpha Select. They will also have their own state of the art Nolera Composite Padding System in these gloves, improving their overall performance. Their line of fastpitch gloves are made with the Ristankor Closure System protects your hand and makes it easier to break in.

Current Major League Baseball player Ross Ohlendorf proudly uses Nokona gloves, while Hall of Famer and Texas Ranger great Nolan Ryan said the first glove he ever used was a Nokona. These gloves that were used in the past and continue to be used today are made with various leather materials from buffalo to bloodline to kangaroo to banana tan.

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