Easton Youth Big Barrel Bats, Speed VS Power!

The differences between the Easton Speed Series senior league big barrel bats and The Power Series senior league bats are hard to see at first glance, but make a big impact on performance depending on what player uses which bat.

There are eight bats to choose from in this Easton Power Brigade line-up, and Easton designed these bats for serious players, with a variety of budgets as well.

The main difference between a Speed Series bat (S1, S2, S3, & S3B) and Power Series bat (XL1 -5oz,/ XL1 -8oz/  XL3 -5oz, & XL3 -9oz) is the weight. The S-Series has a shorter barrel than the X-Series making the Speed Series lighter than it’s X-Series brothers.

Easton youth big barrel S3


The S-series is a minus ten ounces to length ratio, while the X-series has 4 different length to weight ratios. That gives the  S-Series a much more balanced feel,  and is ideal for contact hitters. While the X-Series is perfect for the player who can control a heavier bat, and optimize its extra barrel and weight.

Beyond the weight differences in the Senior league bats is the material that they are made out of. Starting with the Speed lineup, the S1 is a completely composite bat. Its Easton’s own two piece connexion design, with a SIC black carbon handle, and a IMX composite barrel.

The S2 has the same two piece connexion composite handle as the S1, but uses a THT100 Scandium alloy barrel.

The S3 is a solid, all alloy bat, also using all THT100 scandium throughout.

The S3B is the same single piece bat as the S3, but the B version has a 2 3/4 barrel, making it an 1/8 of an inch bigger for leagues that allow that size.

The Easton XL or Power Series begins with the XL1′s. There are two versions of the XL1, one with a -5 oz length to weight ratio, and the other with a -8 oz length to weight ratio. They are both two-piece connexion technology, and all composite bats. Both with the SIC Black Carbon Fiber Handle, and the IMX composite barrel.

The XL3 also has two versions. one featuring a -5 oz drop and the other with a -9 oz drop. Both of the XL3′s are all alloy single piece bats, using the THT100 scandium as well.

All of these Easton Senior League bats are high end performance bats, with a price range of $199.95-$299.95.

Easton Mako Makes a Difference – The Summer of the Shark

2014 Easton Mako Baseball Bat from CheapbatsThe summer of 2014 will go down in record books as the summer of the shark in the baseball world. The 2014 Easton Mako baseball bat has been making a splash in organized gameplay all summer long, most recently at the 2013 Little League World Series in Pennsylvania.

The 2013 LLWS concluded over the weekend with Tokyo defeating Chula Vista six to four. The series was full of impressive gameplay and had an equally impressive showing of new products displayed throughout the action – not the least of which was the Easton Mako.

The 2014 Easton Mako, one of the hottest new bats for 2014, was used by approximately sixty percent of the players in the tournament. The Mako is the newest addition to Easton’s Power Brigade line of bats, and boasts having the most speed and barrel through the zone. Easton has pushed the limits of bat technology with the Mako, which has had impressive showings all summer, including in the College World Series. Easton bats were also responsible for as many as 68 of the 69 home runs hit during the 2013 LLWS.

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Baseball Bats for Less – Save Hundreds Buying Closeout Models

Sale at CheapbatsBaseball Bats for Less

Buying baseball bats can cost you a lot, since those with high quality come with impressive price tags attached! However, there are several ways you can save money on baseball bats, making use of the many available sales opportunities throughout the year. Among all these seasonal sales, closeout sales can give you a chance to effectively save a lot of money on your purchase of baseball merchandise, especially the baseball bats.

What Is a Closeout Sale?

A closeout sale is a type of sale that is made available by the manufacturers or retailers in order to sell off the entire stock of a particular type or model of baseball bats like this 2012 DeMarini Vexxum. This is usually done when there is a large quantity of a particular product remaining in stock while a new type or model of baseball bats is expected to come out soon. A closeout sale is often confused with a going-out-of-business sale, which is usually offered by businesses when they are closing down and need to liquidize their assets.

Stocks in the Closeout Sale

A usual perception about the merchandise available in the closeout sale is that it is defected in some way or it is a low quality product. While this may be true in some cases, it is not always the same. It might contain baseball bats that were produced in excess and did not sell out as well as expected. Poor quality is not always the reason behind sales fluctuations; therefore not all baseball bats offered in these sales are bad. However, there are often some products that are defected or returned products. Therefore, it is very important to select a baseball bat very carefully if you are buying it from a closeout sale.

Closeout Sale Prices

The best part about getting baseball bats from a closeout sale is the extreme cut in the prices. Most of the times, merchandise  is offered at a discount ranging between 50% and 80%. Even on the most expensive of the baseball bats, you can save hundreds of dollars by purchasing them through a closeout sale like this Combat Pure Gear Youth bat. A Baseball bat that usually costs somewhere around $300 can be purchased at a price as low as $100, making closeout sales an ideal time to purchase a new baseball bat for your upcoming league.

Finding the Right Baseball Bats Retailers

When you want to purchase a baseball bat through a closeout sale, the first thing to do is to find a retailer that has a good selection of baseball bats. Going online is not only convenient but also gives you a lot of options regarding the brands.

However, before making an online purchase, check the referrals or comments of the previous clients who have bought products from those retailers.

A closeout sale is undoubtedly one of the best options to buy baseball bats of all types according to your needs, at much lower prices. Since baseball bats are among some of the most expensive sports merchandise, these sales are the best way to save hundreds of dollars on them.

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Demarini Baseball Bats Spell Magic

Demarini Baseball BatDemarini Baseball Bats can spell magic for your player. Here’s why:

D is for Depth of feeling. Feel the magic when you hear the “crack” at the plate and off goes the runner. It may or may not be a life-changing experience, but at that moment, it was worth the triumph as cheers ring out and feet round the bases.

E is for Eagerness in the eyes of the player for the excitement of the game. It is her moment. Demarini magic is at its best when our young player looks the pitcher in the eye with a ‘bring it’ attitude and a confidence that is the envy of every player.

M is the Moment when he makes contact. It’s the expectation as an audience watches as the ball comes soaring through the air toward the batter and then the “POP”. It’s exciting. It may not be a home run, but in the eyes of the player, it is “mission accomplished”.

A is for Action. The player is ready for it. It’s the heart of the game as they bat, hit, run, slide, and steal their way to victory. It’s every player’s aspiration. He or she could even become an all-star. The player is all action—even when studying the game for his next move. And the audience is waiting for it too.

R is for Rooting for the player. It’s all part of the love of the game. The crowd mixes in with “go, go”. It’s not an order or a demand, but rather a cheer that that makes them feel like they are the ones helping to keep the player moving.

I is for Interest. The player has it or they wouldn’t be there ready to hit the ball out of the park. The audience has it, the player has it. A mounting energy arises as the crowd gets more into the game. It’s going to be a good game – you just know it.

N is for Now knock it out of the park. In little leagues this may not happen, but never underestimate the power of a good player when he uses some magic to make it happen.

I is for the Inspired player. In just a short time, the player has brought you through surprising highs and lows of the game with heart and enthusiasm. That’s the magic and why baseball is a game we love.

Put together a player, a Demarini baseball bat and time to play ball and let the magic begin.

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Youth Baseball Bats – 3 Great Choices

One of the most difficult things to do for your son or daughter when they are preparing to play baseball at a young age is find the right equipment. From fielding gloves to baseball bats, your kids will be better off with the right tools. There are dozens of quality youth baseball bats to consider getting for your children including numerous options at CheapBats.com but here are three great choices for all budgets.

2013 Easton Convert

The 2013 Easton Convert is a -12 oz. bat that is meant to give your child the optimal feel when making great contact or even when you pull your head and barely make contact. The bat was constructed with Easton’s patented two piece technology called ConneXion. The aluminum used to construct this durable bat is 7050 aircraft alloy and it features a thin 29/32″ handle, allowing your child to comfortably wrap their hand around it and get the most control with each swing. A good youth baseball bat for many players at a modest price.

2012 Louisville Slugger Exogrid 2

The Louisville Slugger is one of those bat manufacturers that is known across the board as a great company. This is another -12 oz. bat that is meant to allow your child an easier go at making great contact with every swing. The bat features carbon composite inserts and an internal carbon composite sleeve that are meant to give your kid extra pop when they get a great swing on the ball. It features a patented pro cup end cap that is only seen in Louisville Slugger products. This terrific bat is an amazing deal with almost 50% off on the CheapBats website.

2012 Anderson Ignite Baseball Bat

The 2012 Anderson Ignite youth baseball bat is a one piece, 11 oz., all metal bat. Anderson youth Ignite baseball bat gives better results while helping to keep players injury free. The 2012 Anderson Ignite made from a custom mix of Anderson bat alloy and has zero “break it in time”. It is ready to go as soon as you take off the wrapper. Doctors joined forces with Anderson to design the specialty “Weldless Knob” that gives the batter more comfort and safety by reducing the chance of painful hand injuries.

For more information on these youth baseball bats and others offered at Cheap Bats, visit them on the web.

Cheap Baseball Bats

Cheap Baseball BatsCheap baseball bats may be the way to go for kids starting out. As a young child in the United States, there is nothing more exciting than playing baseball. As a parent to a child trying to get into the exciting sport, you need to prepare your child with all the best gear they can get. The one thing about the best gear you can get for your child is that it doesn’t need to be the most expensive product on the market. No matter what age or level baseball player you are, there are numerous cheap baseball bats available for purchase through Cheap Bats.

Louisville Slugger M9 Pro Maple Youth Bat

The Louisville Slugger M9 Pro Maple Youth Bat is one of the best ways to get your kid into playing the sport of baseball at an early age is by using a traditional wood bat. This maple bat is perfect for any user because of its ability to last for hundreds of swings. This bat is one of the safer wood models because if it were to break, it is more likely to break in half instead of splintering or shattering like other wood types like bamboo or ash.

2013 Easton Reflex Youth Baseball Bat

The 2013 Easton Reflex Youth Baseball Bat is a solid option for those looking for cheap baseball bats for their kid. Easton is a popular bat manufacturer for younger and older players alike. This bat has a 13 oz. weight drop and was constructed with the best material: 7050 aircraft alloy. The bat has a thin handle which allows your kid to wrap their hands with a firmer grip and get their hands moving through the strike zone better.

2013 Easton Typhoon BBCOR Baseball Bat

The 2013 Easton Typhoon BBCOR Baseball Bat bat is ideal for those looking for a good baseball bat for the high school or college baseball season. It has a 3 oz. weight drop, which is the typical ratio for high school aged players. The bat was made with 7046 aircraft alloy and is BBCOR certified. This bat also has a thin handle, but also has a VRS cushioned grip that is meant to keep vibrations down to a minimum and all the energy going through the bat with each swing.

For information on these cheap baseball bats and others at Cheapbats.com, please visit their website.

Selecting the Right Baseball Bat for Little League

Baseball Bat Sizes for Little LeagueEvery child on a Little League team simply wants to spend as much time as possible in the batter’s box. However, the results can be disappointing, if they are not using the right bat. Failure or success is often determined by both the bat that is selected, and the quality of training.

Typically, young ball players tend to choose a bat that is too heavy and too large for their size. Many parents do not have good information on how to choose the best baseball bat for their son or daughter to participate in the sport. Generally speaking, the bat should be selected based on the child’s age and height.

 Starting Off

When starting a child in the game of baseball, it is imperative to choose the proper baseball equipment so that he or she can be the best player possible and avoid unnecessary frustration leading to discouragement. This would include a lightweight, smaller bat. The selection of a lightweight bat will make it significantly better for the child to participate in the sport and make it easier swing. A lighter bat will also increase their bat speed, which can maximize  how far the ball will travel when it connects to the bat.

The simplest process in determining whether the bat is the right weight is to have the little athlete hold the baseball bat stretched out in front of her or him. The action should be like pointing it at a pitcher. By holding it in one hand by the thin handle, they should be able to hold it outward between 10 seconds and 20 seconds.

If your Little League athlete has the ability to hold it outward for that period of time without his or her arm shaking or dropping, the bat it is likely a proper weight. However, if they drop the bat, or their the arm shakes, the bat is likely far too heavy for the athlete. Kids that have already purchased bats and coaches are a great source for trying out the weight exercise prior investing in your child’s baseball bat. Then you can purchase the right weight bat made by your favorite brand.

Developing Skill

Becoming good at Little League baseball is all about understanding all the components of the game. Preparation, practice and sportsmanship are the two key components that will over time promote the child out of T-ball to live pitching. Selecting the right bat for any Little League athlete will maximize their results, produce a higher level of self-confidence and enjoyment when playing.

With the right bat, the Little League athlete can develop their best technique for hitting the ball. At the proper weight and length, a baseball bat can help improve the eye/hand coordination and maximize their ability to hit the ball successfully.

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Selecting the Right Baseball Bats for Kids – 4 Tips

Baseball Bats for Kids - Combat by Cheapbats.comBaseball bats for kids

If your kids are getting ready to take on the world of t-ball , youth league baseball or softball, there are several pieces of equipment you need to get them started. You will need all the basics of course. A helmet, cleats, maybe a mouth guard, batting gloves, fielding gloves…and the most important – baseball bats.  The following baseball bats for kids tips may help you make the right choice.

These tips can make your child a better hitter, give them confidence, help perfect their swing and make the game more fun! There are many bats available for youth players, but what should you look for when trying to select the best bat for your kids

1. The right weight bat can make all the difference

One of the most important aspects in purchasing a baseball bat for your child is the weight of the bat compared to your child’s size. For example, if your child is small for their age and you get them the size bat all the other kids their age are using, they may struggle with their swing. If they struggle to swing the likelihood of hitting the ball or having any power is greatly diminished. If they get discouraged, they may decide that baseball in not fun and want to stop playing. On the other hand, if your child is big for their age, they can probably hit with the same bat other kids are using but not get the pop they would with a properly weighted bat. Tip: Ask your child’s coach if there are practice bats your child can try or go to a alternately try a sporting goods store. Have them swing a few different weights. Use your judgment and their feedback as to which bats they are most comfortable with.

2. Proper bat length is important

The length of the bat goes hand in hand with the weight of the bat. The longer the bat is, the more it will weigh. There are different reasons to use or not to use a longer bat, depending on your child’s size and their ability to time their swing. If your child can use a longer bat, they will be able to hit the ball on the outside part of the plate. Tip: Notice if they struggling to swing. It could be because of the length. Have them stand a little closer to the plate and try a smaller bat. Most important however is safety. Too close and they are more likely to get hit by the pitch. That’s the best reason to find the right combination of length and weight for your kids.

3. Diameter of barrel is likely to be regulated

Under the age of 12, your child is most likely only allowed to use a 2 ¼” barrel. It isn’t until they begin playing travel baseball or in high school and college that they will switch to a barrel that is anywhere from 2 5/8″ to 2 ¾” thick. Tip: Be sure you know the regulations for your child’s bats.

4. Know the requirements set forth by your league

A lot of leagues around the country use the same rules for most parts of the game, but often change them up in terms of bats and balls. This could be for insurance reasons or overall preference of league officials. Tip: Be sure to check the requirements set by your league before buying a bat – officials can help.

Selecting the right baseball bat can help your kid become the best player they can be!

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